McCann meets… Phil Flanagan MLA

Many of you know that I put out a call on twitter for suggestions on which politicians they would like to see interviewed for Slugger. Today I bring you the first interview with Stormont’s No.1 tweeter, Sinn Fein MLA, Phil Flanagan. This was aired earlier on Lisburns 98FM.

I met Phil on Tuesday in Stormont and we conducted this 40 minute interview. We covered a broad range of subjects from his background to his recent twitter war with Tom Elliott.

In part one, we spoke about his background and how he felt on being elected to the assembly in 2011.

McCann meets… Phil Flanagan MLA [Part One] by Ontherecord98fm on Mixcloud

Part two, we looked at policy. I questioned him on the divergence between Sinn Fein in government here and their anti austerity message in Dublin. Phil and myself had column’s on the about this issue last year. We also spoke about Irish unity and the assembly’s poor ratings in the polls.

McCann meets… Phil Flanagan MLA [Part Two] by Ontherecord98fm on Mixcloud

Part three, we talked about his twitter war with Tom Elliott and a recent article by the Belfast Telegraph on the issue. In addition to this, we spoke about the SPAD bill and how as a young MLA he views the IRA’s campaign during the Troubles.

McCann meets… Phil Flanagan MLA [Part Three] by Ontherecord98fm on Mixcloud

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  • between the bridges
  • David McCann

    They’re about 90p from memory.

  • quality

    Not necessarily a failing of Sinn Féin by themselves (many other nominally ‘lefty’ parties are guilty), but in the Phil Flanagan response from 2012, dressing things up as ‘protecting the vulnerable’ as a policy is ridiculous.

    Protecting the vulnerable is an objective, the policy follows from that.

  • Barnshee

    Why do you allow these distributors of British Largesse with any more self importance?

    Orang/ Green prod/mick shun them for the villains that they are