Amnesty International report: NI “victims’ families actually consider their treatment a failure.”

So, no further inquiry into Omagh. And at least some of the secrets of the cover up on Bloody Sunday, goes to the grave.

Regarding those who can still answer for their actions, it’s all “I cannot remember,” “I do not recall,” “I have only a very vague memory.” For others, it’s all “Republican code of honour”.

Publishing their new report on Northern Ireland, John Dalhuisen, Amnesty’s International director for Europe and Central Asia said:

“There’s a cruel irony in the fact that Northern Ireland is held up as a success story when many victims’ families actually consider their treatment a failure.”

He continued:

Over the last decade a patchwork of measures, including isolated investigations, have failed to establish the full truth about the violations and abuses of the past and left many victims waiting for justice.

“The UK government and all political parties in Northern Ireland need to grasp the nettle now and agree a new approach which is capable of dealing fully with the past.”

History is always the possession of the winners they say. In our case, it’s fairly clear who the losers are…

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