“giddy zephyrs of the purest conjecture…”

In yesterday’s Irish News Newton Emerson poured cold water on some recent idle speculation – as noted by Alan.  From the Irish News

Speculation is mounting that Peter Robinson plans to step down as DUP leader.  It cannot be stressed enough that this is based on giddy zephyrs of the purest conjecture.  An attempt by nationalism to convince itself the Maze U-turn indicated weak leadership was debunked by a mild response from Sinn Féin, which sees exactly how Robinson has launched himself into the contested space programme.  All talk of a new leader that mentions Sammy Wilson is about as serious as a conference speech by Sammy Wilson.  In fact the only harm done is the likely loss of £18 million in EU funding, which is small beer by Stormont crisis standards, especially if a crisis has been averted.  Policing the first nine weeks of the flag protests cost £15m.

Well, it is still the silly season.  [Does it never end?! – Ed]  Good question.  And we have a relevant quote about that…

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