Quote of the week

From the Professor.

It’s all agitprop for low-information voters. If it damages the social fabric, so what? Power is all about power. Our political class has no sense of responsibility or shame.

As a diagnosis of a topic in the US, it’s applicable closer to home…

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  • FuturePhysicist

    Here we go again, blaming a particracy for division, let’s remember that the social fabric here creates these parties to begin with.

    Stop arguing against divisions, and emphasise the benefits of sharing our common pig-headed resolve, hope and determination in other problems, bringing loyalist, republican, Catholic, Protestant, other skills, wills and talents together in diplomatic mutuality.

  • Pete Baker

    “Here we go again, blaming a particracy for division…”


  • cynic2

    I am confused. I thought it was Cromwell

  • FuturePhysicist

    Cromwell and many before him, the fact is though its quite easy whether it is the USA or Northern Ireland to say the political class built every fence there is, don’t assume them to be so competent.