DUP makes a *quiet* apology to its own councillor…

Aha, he hasn’t gone away you know. Eamonn Mallie picks up a nicely telling little detail on the Red Sky story:

It has been confirmed that the DUP Special Advisor to DSD Minister Nelson McCausland, Stephen Brimstone, has apologised to Lisburn Councillor Jenny Palmer over a Housing Executive vote.

Ms Palmer who is a member of the Housing Executive Board alleged in a BBC Spotlight programme that Mr Brimstone called her and allegedly put pressure on her regarding a Housing Executive Board vote linked to a contractor carrying out work for the Executive.

And my tweet of the week, is this nifty follow up from Fergal Duffy…

More of that sort of thing Eamonn… He finishes by noting that “Inexplicably, no public statement has yet surfaced.”

Nor will it, I suspect. The cavalier way the press is being used by both only to push ‘good’ stories, or stories that are politically useful to the army of party and government PROs could do with some serious questioning, by the press themselves…

Meanwhile, no further news on that odd development in the Paul Quinn/Aidan Donohoe story

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