SDLP to lodge an amendment to the DUP’s special motion on Tuesday…

And it seems that the SDLP will be putting an amendment down when the Assembly meets for a special sitting on Tuesday. Conall McDevitt:

“On Tuesday when the Assembly meets the SDLP will seek to give parties the opportunity back an amendment to the DUP motion which condemns the violence, challenges the sectarianism displayed this 12th and supports the lawful institutions of the land including the Parades Commission.

“On Saturday at the fields we heard the language of war by another means, of active conflict with and disregard for lawfully constituted institutions from the leaders of the loyal orders. The reality those making these speeches or unfurling banners outside the Parades Commission offices to the cry of ‘no surrender’ must now accept is that a shared society will involve compromise by all and that the Good Friday Agreement, its institutions, safeguards and principles is and will remain the only show in town. While we welcome the subsequent statement suspending protests in north Belfast many will it see it as too little too late from people who should and do know better.

The loyal orders have a significant contribution to make in building a new society here. It’s a contribution that can best be made through our democratic institutions, dialogue and respect for the diversity within our society. [emphasis added]

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