And after the Ardoyne parade back up to Stormont, again…

Well given the passion (and the brutality of that DUP attack) on Monday… the DUP have decided to call everyone back into Stormont on Tuesday, 16 July 2013…

A spokeswoman for the assembly said: “There will be an additional plenary sitting of the Northern Ireland assembly on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 after the Speaker received a valid request to recall the assembly.

“Plenary will begin at 12 noon and will discuss a motion in respect of the impact of a determination issued by the Parades Commission on 9 July on building a shared future.”

The Parades Commission published its determination, restricting the north Belfast parade, on Tuesday evening.

It ruled that the Orange Order can march past Ardoyne shops on the Crumlin Road on the morning of 12 July but cannot use the same return route on Friday afternoon.

In recent years, there has been serious rioting in the area after the return leg of the parade.

The ruling was welcomed by nationalist politicians but has angered unionists.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland called the decision “ludicrous” and damaging to community relations, but Sinn Féin called it a sensible decision.

On a trite reading, better the fur flies in Stormont than on the Crumlin Road… There are a lot of people up there who could do with a year off from holding back the worst effects of this running sore in north Belfast…


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  • Comrade Stalin

    On a trite reading, better the fur flies in Stormont than on the Crumlin Road

    By that point the debate will be covering a past event, so hardly.

  • Mick Fealty


  • Comrade Stalin

    The march is going to be on the 12th, the debate is the following week on the 16th. Accordingly the debate cannot, to use your characterization, provide an outlet for fur to fly in the Assembly chamber instead of on the Crumlin Road.

  • Mick Fealty

    It can, if the former passes off peacefully and people get to vent in the chamber…

  • ThomasMourne

    This dispute is between the Parades Commission and the Orange Order. The DUP may want to discuss it in Stormont but why should anyone else? I hope other MLAs will leave them to it and let them blow off steam in an otherwise empty house.

    Nigel Dodd’s petulance is childish considering the lack of opposition to 500+ sectarian parades over the 12th.

  • Meanwhile Deputy Dodds gets himself suspended from the House of Commons for a point-of-ordure [sic]:

    He told the Commons he had asked Ms Villiers what she intended to do about what he called the “outrageous and scandalous decision of the Parades Commission last night in Northern Ireland, which is causing enormous pain and tensions to be rising in north Belfast and across the province and has the potential for severe trouble on our streets.”

    “In reply to my question, the secretary of state did not address the point of her powers on an application by the chief constable. I have to say Mr Speaker, in my view that was deliberately deceptive and I think that was absolutely outrageous and will not go down well in terms of the people back home.

    “The secretary of state has the responsibility to do something about the outrageous decisions of the Parades Commission in Northern Ireland and unless she acts there will be difficulties ahead,” Mr Dodds said.

    The Speaker repeatedly asked Mr Dodds to withdraw his comments, which he said were unparliamentary.

    Mr Bercow told Mr Dodds: “You must withdraw the words ‘deliberately deceptive’.

    “It is not appropriate to accuse any member of this House of seeking to deliberately deceive or mislead it. Please withdraw the words now.”

    However, Mr Dodds refused to do so, telling the Speaker that “reluctantly” he could not comply with his demand.

    “[E]normous pain and tensions”? really? “Reluctantly”? really really? And … woo hoo! “difficulties ahead”! O my! Aunt Edna, Uncle Enda, hide under the bed!

    I hold no brief for Ms Villiers, or any over-promoted Tory. Yety, she came off with with decency. He didn’t. Simply put: the Sec of State is not the “responsible person”. That’s why the system was established; and — with difficulties, caused mainly by the people who back Deputy Dodds — has fulfilled its intentions. The last thing we want is political approval for marches: even the benighted Dodds will admit that, were he to have a serious moment.

    On a day when the phallocratic gynophobes (Cameron on Virginia Wade, Wee Willie Hague with a bit of gratuitous sexist abuse) were exposing themselves [also sic], Dodds gave one up to the girlies.

    But Dodds’s gem was “the people back home.” Now that’s the true colonial wistfully thinking of Blighty. Won’t go a bomb with the Home Counties types, Nigel!

  • In classic DUP fashion the deputy Leader of the DUP engineered his expulsion from the House of Commons today while talking up the prospects of red skies over the Twelfth – as a result of the Parades Commission ruling. This is the long-standing modus operandi of the ethnic entrepreneurs in the DUP who will exploit the volatility of ‘their’ community in a naked attempt to draw a curtain down on a week that has exposed the depths of their cynicism.

  • Comrade Stalin

    This dispute is between the Parades Commission and the Orange Order.

    Actually – and this is a detail people might not have noticed – I’m thinking this is not quite the case. The real dispute is between the Ardoyne residents (who exist in two factions) and between the Twaddell/Woodvale residents.

    The Orange Order are not the players, they are the pawn. Note how it was the Twaddell residents who made the announcement that they were asking the Orange Order to talk to the Ardoyne residents. Why do the Orange Order take direction on who they should talk to from residents ? And who speaks for the Parades Forum – an Orangeman ? No, it’s that loyalist prisoner representative guy Winkie Irvine who as far as I can tell isn’t even a member.It suggests what is really going on under the covers here.

    The Parades Commission don’t have disputes. They analyze what is going on and, for better or worse, issue a determination on that basis. The determination is an outcome of the dispute, it is not the root of the dispute.

    This is about the Ardoyne and Twaddell residents scoring sectarian points off each other. The Orange Order are incidental. Most of the residents aren’t even in the Order.

    Dodds’ behaviour in the House of Commons chamber was completely orchestrated and he intended to get himself thrown out. Quite why, though, he would poke the sleeping dog in the form of the Secretary of State’s discretionary powers of parades is a mystery to me – not only can she overrule the Parades Commission, she can completely ban parades including parades which were not notified (there is a court case at the moment about her failure to use these powers during the flag protest parades). I also find his language highly provocative – trying to blame the PC and the SoS for any trouble which happens. Extremely irresponsible but what else do you expect ?

  • To the previous commentators:

    Yes. I think we are essentially agreed.

    Dodds believes in direct rule.

    The SoS should direct each and every implementation and decree. No delegation of powers. [Watch your water charges.]

    Or did I miss a caveat?

  • BluesJazz

    The caveat, Malcolm, is that Villiers is out of her depth in NI. She really hasn’t a clue. Nor does she care either way,
    We need a Roy Mason SoS, not someone who was only brought in to up the female % in the cabinet.

  • cynic2

    I hold no breif for the OO but Dodds is right in a sense in putting our useless SOS on the spot and her answer was disingenuous. Section 11 of her own act (a reserved matter) says:

    ” If, in relation to any area and any period of time not exceeding 28 days, the Secretary of State is of the opinion that, having regard to—
    (a)any serious public disorder or serious damage to property which may result from protest meetings in that area in that period;
    (b)any serious disruption to the life of the community which such meetings may cause;
    (c)any serious impact which such meetings may have on relationships within the community;
    (d)any undue demands which such meetings may cause to be made on the police or military forces; and
    (e)the extent of the power exercisable under subsection (1),it is necessary in the public interest to do so, he may by order prohibit the holding of all protest meetings in that area in that period.”

    So she has the power but chooses not to use it hiding behind the decision of the Commission while not saying overtly that she positively supports it

  • Sp12

    “The caveat, Malcolm, is that Villiers is out of her depth in NI.”

    That was evident when the Alliance party offices were being burnt out.

  • BluesJazz

    That we have a pathetic SoS is probably because the Government sees us as a minor issue. It’s like having a cabinet minister for Somerset, when the problems over Glastonbury are long gone.

    I suppose NI, like Glastonbury in the 80’s, is off the radar, we have become Gibraltar. Or the IoM. Even Somerset.

    That’s good. Somerset is a nice part of the UK and that’s what we are now.

  • Jack2

    Just a smokescreen for our friend Nelson.
    DUP MLA’s will rattle their base under something falls off, then go hiding in an expensive house surrounded by armed guards.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    ThomasMourne: Nigel Dodd’s petulance is childish considering the lack of opposition to 500+ sectarian parades over the 12th.

    I take it you class anyone going to church on a Sunday a ‘sectarian’ act?

    Do you actually know the meaning of the word?

  • Sp12

    Gibraltar is exciting, Gibraltar made the main page of the BBC news website recently thanks to Spanish pistoleros and jet skis.
    We don’t rank because they don’t give a fuck, not because we’ve somehow become as uneventful and reliably British as cider country.

  • UPC[12.27] You’ll have noted Nigel’s absence from tv interviews over the DUP’s wilful surrender on the Maze project. Robbo knows better than to send him ass ND knows where the bodies are buried, You need some growing up still to do alas..

  • tomthumbuk

    It’s all a bit of showboating, in the absence of being able to do anything.
    They will sort it out on Tuesday at Stormont, and while they are there they can discuss the progress of the Shared Future Strategy!

  • ‘Shared future strategy? DUP? That’s a good one. They’re more interested in a shared past strategy. Fivers and land slivers are more up their street. Robbo’s a joke, McCausland might as well be leader, lol

  • Worth noting in this thread that CARA and GARC have called off their protests during the morning parade “as a sign of good faith”

  • iluvni

    All down to Clifton St to shit stir there instead?

  • Peter Doran[8.58] Dodds last remark about ‘difficulties’ sounded very much like a veied threat which speaker Bercow should have punished him for [if Bercow understood anything of politics here]. This implied threat was echoed by Campbell on Nolan, but perhaps the DUP are overestimating their ability to manipulate loyalists after they were blatantly used in flags riots and then called the DUP out on their exploitation of community.

  • redstar2011

    Of course SF will be very relieved by the PC decision.

    Lets face it Kelly would be on a rather sticky wicket if he had to defend his PSNI friends dragging Ardoyne residents off a road for blocking a parade after his same ” impartial” force stood idly by allowing the unionist fleg mob block roads at will. Saved Gerrys skin somewhat.

  • Morpheus

    The OO have broken PC ruling after PC ruling, breaking the law time after time – what did they expect? This lies squarely at the feet of the OO, no one else.

    If they blame the bands – like they do every year – then make each and every band complete a 11/1 so the PSNI know who’s door to knock on when they break the law.

  • Mick Fealty


    No disagreement from me there..

  • redstar2011

    Mick thats my FIRST ever agreement with you!!!!

    Can we make it a double by agreeing ( whilst his politics are a world away from mine) that Chris was shit hot today on Nolan. Coherent, straight to the point and very astute

  • The problem with the 12th parades is that since the mid-1990s they have been used as a proxy battleground for the extremists on both sides. Both SF and the DUP encouraged or arranged for the extremists to keep themselves busy with the most controversial parades (Drumcree, Lower Ormeau, Derry, etc.) while they figured out what to do in regard to the peace process and maneuvered at the governmental level. Thus the IRA/prisoners and loyalist paramilitaries could be kept busy while SF and the DUP figured out how to deal with the issue of decommissioning. Since 2007 the duopoly haven’t figured out a way of recapping the bottle that they let the sectarian genie out of. The DUP now has the same awkward relationship with the OO that the UUP once had–an organization that isn’t controlled by the party but that has substantial influence within the party. I would guess that SF has the same sort of difficult relationships with a few of the residents’ committees.

  • ThomasMourne

    UPC (12:27)
    I have taken the precaution of checking the meaning of ‘sectarian’ – of a sect, dogmatic, partisan, parochial, narrow-minded, bigoted, etc.

    Sums up the Orange Order quite well.

    And, unfortunately, can easily be applied to our churches and political parties.