And after the Ardoyne parade back up to Stormont, again…

Well given the passion (and the brutality of that DUP attack) on Monday… the DUP have decided to call everyone back into Stormont on Tuesday, 16 July 2013…

A spokeswoman for the assembly said: “There will be an additional plenary sitting of the Northern Ireland assembly on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 after the Speaker received a valid request to recall the assembly.

“Plenary will begin at 12 noon and will discuss a motion in respect of the impact of a determination issued by the Parades Commission on 9 July on building a shared future.”

The Parades Commission published its determination, restricting the north Belfast parade, on Tuesday evening.

It ruled that the Orange Order can march past Ardoyne shops on the Crumlin Road on the morning of 12 July but cannot use the same return route on Friday afternoon.

In recent years, there has been serious rioting in the area after the return leg of the parade.

The ruling was welcomed by nationalist politicians but has angered unionists.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland called the decision “ludicrous” and damaging to community relations, but Sinn Féin called it a sensible decision.

On a trite reading, better the fur flies in Stormont than on the Crumlin Road… There are a lot of people up there who could do with a year off from holding back the worst effects of this running sore in north Belfast…


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