Learning from individual sporting achievement: “Murray has never made an excuse for failure…”

There was a long time when the US and Australia dominated world tennis. Not any more it seems. One of the new dynamics in individual sport is the internationalisation of sporting champions. This is a great conversation snipped from Newsnight Scotland last night with Alex Massey, Dani Garavelli and Rob Robertson.

What could Andy Murray’s win do for or tell us about contemporary Scotland? Or indeed any small nation?


  • michael-mcivor

    Murray got there in the end-must be the Scot in him-

    The last Englishman [ if we can call him that ] who won Wimbledon before Murray was Fred Perry who was so ashamed of being English that he became a US citizen two years after he last won the Wimbledon title in 36-so the last English man to win on English home turf was a yank-

    Will Murray ever be embarrassed of being called Scottish-

  • BluesJazz

    Well, the press have combined Murrays achievement with that of the British Lions win in Oz as a double whammy for this country.
    No mention in most newspapers of the puerile addendum “and Irish” lions because we all know it’s the British Isles.
    Anyone who thinks different is kidding themselves.
    Graeme McDowell added to the British success at the French Open and we now have the Ashes to hopefully add to the national bonhomie. So hopefully Alastair Cook and the boys can make it a summer to remember .

  • Mick Fealty

    If you want riot lads, take it somewhere else?

  • jagmaster

    Sport is nothing but a convenient bread and circus distraction laid on by the establishment to stop the public asking awkward questions.

    By all means enjoy your “national bonhomie” but I stopped falling for that childish nonsense a long time ago.

  • Pete Baker

    “By all means enjoy your “national bonhomie” but I stopped falling for that childish nonsense a long time ago.”

    Well, start appreciating the individual achievements instead.

  • Delphin

    Yea, just in from the pub, and as Wee Tony said “I would question the whole basis of the capitalist materialist, industrio/military complex that is modern Ireland if it wasn’t for Wimbeldon fortnight”

  • boondock

    Blue jazz stop your trolling I had enough of the BT flogging the Mcilroy GB Ireland saga. Murray acheived something special, the Lions yes won, but lets not forget they should have been thumping an awful Australia 3-0 anyway a team that all the home nations bar Wales have beaten regularly recently but dont tell Gatland that he thinks he is now some demi god and tactical genius and wants to lead them against NZ in 4 years groan!

  • Mick Fealty

    There is something about the individual achievement that both sits above nation and feeds back into it. That Newsnicht discussion encapsulates it better than most.

    What does it mean when ‘one of us’ does such spectacular things on a world stage?