The New York Times hails Game of Thrones boost for Northern Ireland

Great that  the New York Times has noticed that Northern Ireland  is now suffused with a different sorts of “ intrigue sex and moody landscapes” which is drawing then in rather than keeping them away..

Chronicling a war among dynasties for an Iron Throne in the imaginary land of Westeros, the HBO fantasy series is a cult hit suffused with intrigue, sex and moody landscapes. The latter is making Northern Ireland a magnet for fans who want to visit places like the Dark Hedges, which appear in the premiere of Season 2 when Arya Stark, a noble girl masquerading as a boy, flees in a cart from her enemies. Or Cushendun, the rocky beach where, later in that season, the priestess Melisandre gives birth in a cave to a supernatural assassin.

The contrast is irresistible ..

“For most of my life I was in a film set,” said Mr. McAnirn, who was a teenager in Belfast during those years. “And it was a horror movie”

Stephanie Rosenbloom’s travel piece in the New York Times mode, lengthy, descriptive, full of quotes and with just enough of herself to draw the reader in while allowing the place and the people to speak for themselves.  And phew! We came out ahead.  And not a word of criticism for all the  filth, litter and derelict buildings. But then she’s used to New York…

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  • ayeYerMa

    The promotion of these “black taxi tours” to tourists needs to stop. They are nothing other than a short-termist moneymaking exploit my ex I paramilitaries which do massive damage our long-term tourist prospects by making a mandatory reference to unappealing aspects of conflict and division in any tourist write-up, thereby taking the focus off the many worthwhile and positive aspects that the average tourist would find appealing.

    Same goes for the terror shrine at the Maze. Raze the bloody thing as the vast majority of tourists are more put off by this sort of thing than attracted.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I’m not saying that I (necessarily) want to see the decapitation of our very own ‘Warden of the North’ but if old Robo doesn’t get his act together we could be singing songs of his demise some day to tourists a la GOT, given the childish behaviour of him and his outfit I’d settle for the ‘Weans of Castlereagh’:

    “”And who, are you?”
    The proud prod said, “that I must bow so low?
    only a pat of a different coat, is all the truth I know

    A coat of green or a coat of ‘gold’ this FM still has laws

    And mine are wrong and corrupt my lad, as wrong and ‘rupt as yours”

    And so he spoke and slowly spoke, that Lord of Castlereagh

    And now the fifes ‘weep o’er Orange halls, with no one there to hear

    And now the fifes ‘weep o’er orange halls, with not a saved soul to hear…