Australian Labor ditch Barry girl..

Oh well it’s been eventful…but Julia’s out (from the BBC).

Wednesday’s leadership test was the third faced by Ms Gillard since she took office in 2010. She herself ousted Mr Rudd as prime minister in 2010.

The BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney says Mr Rudd has exacted his revenge, after three years of him and his supporters mounting a destabilisation campaign targeted very much at her.

Australian politics is a pretty brutal business…

Rudd has 100 days to a general election against Tony Abbott with Labor a fair bit behind. (from the BBC again, pre Rudd Coup)

The polls suggest not only a defeat for Labor but also a rout. I have spoken to senior figures within the party who think it will be lucky to hold onto 30 seats, which in a parliament of 150 MPs would be calamitous. In Queensland, they could face a near wipe out.
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd remains popular with voters, but has ruled out a return Some Labor insiders fear they will retain just one seat – that, emblematically, of Kevin Rudd in Brisbane. They also expect to lose a swathe of seats in the western suburbs of Sydney, another key battleground.

We’ll see…..

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  • thethoughtfulone

    Right wingers and feminists the world over will have to find a new icon. One that can’t even stay in favor with her own people doesn’t really measure up!

  • iluvni

    Right wingers?

  • Dewi

    I blame her hairdresser…

  • Maybe her speech coach too, Dewi. I never heard anyone make such long speeches in a monotone before. Only exception is a bored religious minister delivering a standard sermon.

  • Dewi

    Where’s footballcliches when he might have something useful to say?

  • Dewi,

    It was State of Origin last night mate and the Spill got in the way of me watching the build up and my Simpsons at 6pm so I was really unimpressed 🙂

    On a serious note, this is a good and bad thing for ALP. I really liked JG, she was coherent and principled though socially conservative in many ways and really just tread water on issues. She is popular with grass roots ALP members, incredibly popular in fact.

    KRudd, well he is liked by all outside of the party and hated within by rank and file members but the obvious logic is that he can take on Tony Abbott very effectively as the latter is someone who is incredibly socially conservative in a country that is changing in its attitudes.

    The reall winner from last night? Maybe Malcolm Turnbull of the LNP; he’s a lot more attractive to voters than Abbott who is also known as the ‘Mad Monk’, so if we start to see some slip in the figures for Abbott maybe the coalition could be tempted to have a spill of its own?

    Also, Lions to win by 10+ on Saturday in Melbourne and QLD to win the State of Origin Series

  • Dewi

    Abbott might lose it by himself,,,,Who’se Genia voting for?

  • Abbott is a lot of things but the figures between him and JG had hardened remarkably and it was obvious who was going to win in September (and probably still win).

    The point is that Abbott winning in September (or August if rumours that KRudd will move the election forward are to be believed, that’s IF he becomes PM (last night’s vote was for leader of ALP and JG was PM thanks to Green and Independents backing her)) is probably a lock, but if he suffers the same fate JG did when she won the election by scraping home then he will have Turnbull or another hanging over his head for the life of a parliament like JG did with KRudd. It’s destabilising for any party and Aussies live in some kind of boiler room when it comes to politics which means that any little detail is blown out of all proportion IMHO.

    Who would Genia vote for? Who knows, maybe Big Clive Palmer? A very interesting bloke with his new Titanic to set sail and proposed ban on pensioners gambling at the onboard casino as he doesn’t want to see pensioners wasting their super there, honest!

  • And now he’s been sworn in, yet again. I will give him credit where credit is due, he doesn’t give up

  • headtheball


    “…QLD to win the State of Origin Series.”

    Don’t write the Blues off just yet. Appalling performance last night, granted, but we have 3 weeks to get our shit together. As the old footie cliché has it, the best team lost.

  • I hope so headtheball, if I have to see another bloody XXXX ad with the brain damaged Billy Moore shouting ‘QUEENSLANDER’ again I will scream but that was a thumping and a half last night that the Blues received. The game was nothing on the opener down in Sydney tbf.

  • wee buns

    Gillard has been treated disgracefully by her so called colleagues within the party, who have not only hounded her out but given her zero credit for her considerable political accomplishments.
    She passed 532 pieces of legislation, in a Parliament that was hung where every piece had to be painstakingly negotiated. These included the Carbon price, Fair Work Act, National Disability Insurance Scheme, Gonski reforms to school funding and an historic agreement with the Chinese leadership ensuring leadership dialogue between Oz and China – something that Rudd was unable to achieve.
    While I agree that Julia – on reaching power – somehow lost her ability for public speaking, I suspect it was due to being over rehearsed by the background machine of the ALP, and this was a pity.
    But Rudd has less personal charisma & even fewer principles. The ALP deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  • Mick Fealty

    The ALP almost make the SDLP look professional.

    I would guess Rudd’s internal problems set in when he chose his own cabinet back in 2007 after winning a landslide over John Howard (leaving a lot of pissed off people inside the party).

    Now at about the third or fourth attempt to get the leadership back he’s lost the whole cabinet, including some like Peter Garrett he put in post in the first place.

    Gillard axed Rudd because of falling polls and then she almost disappeared the party’s lead in the Federal parliament. People don’t like split/splitting parties. They smell the fear and the solipsistic self interest.

    It wasn’t smart to axe Rudd towards the of his term in 2010. It wasn’t smart of Gillard to announce an election months in advance. And it won’t prove smart for Rudd to have repeated that stupid trick in 2013.

    The party’s only hope is that they are now able to side step the stupid misogyny that Gillard has had to endure, and rescue a few seats.

    But in a 150 Federal parliament this is looking like it could be worse than the spanking Rudd gave Howard.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    While my (female) relatives in Australia tell me that Julia Gillard would be pushed meet the high standards of finincial probity set by the Robinsons, there is still a serious issue here for anyone in Ireland.

    Even after decades we in the Emerald Isle could easily make the front running in the mysogeny stakes with anyone down under. Some time back I read an excellent 2010 article by Pat O’Connor in the academic journal “Iris Socheolaíochta na hÉireann” that discussed the dominance of male oriented values among the senior management of our universities. The article is called “Is senior management in Irish universities male-dominated? What are the implications?” The culture of these (representitive) institutions is described as “homosocial, unemotional and conformist” and much of Pat’s analyisis could (as she implies herself) be applied to all of the other institutions in the ROI, while these values continue to pervade the entire social fabric of the state.

    And as anyone in the North who is at all sensitive to these things can tell you, the ROIs political and business culture appears profoundly feminist in tone compared to our own ingrained homosocial culture in Norn Iron. This is the real debate.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Para 2, “mysogeny” should read “misogyny”, I can’t even bring myself to spell the f€&%ing word right!

  • thethoughtfulone

    “Right wingers?”

    Well ironically, yes!

    I refer to the numerous articles on speeches attributed to Ms Gillard doing the rounds on social media, where she reportedly takes quite a hard line on immigration, crime, etc, etc and on a regular basis. Whether it’s actually true or not I’ve no idea she seemed to have become quite an icon in certain circles none the less.

    Wonder who’ll be next?

  • neutralist

    Para 2, “mysogeny” should read “misogyny”,
    In any case you’ve hit the nail on th ehead. A ‘Sheila’s’ place is not at the helm.

  • neutralist

    ”A ‘Sheila’s’ place is not at the helm.”

    Said with sarcasm.