G8 Summit: “Gardaí will place a particular emphasis on securing the Border…”

According to the Northern Ireland Finance Minister, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, the NI Executive will face a bill of £6 million from the £60 million total cost of hosting the G8 Summit in Fermanagh on June 17th and 18th  – the UK Treasury is expected to provide the rest of the funds required.  But, as the Irish Times reports, the neighbouring state on the island is also making preparations.

Some 900 gardaí will be in the region for the period covering the summit on June 17th and 18th and the lead-up to it.

Gardaí will place a particular emphasis on securing the Border, splitting the Borderlands into strategic policing areas, with major static checkpoints established for up to five days to monitor any threat that may be moving between the jurisdictions. While hundreds of public order unit gardaí will be on standby on a 24-hour basis in fleets of vehicles to be moved into position if rioting or any other on-street disorder flares, Assistant Commissioner Kieran Kenny said the Garda would adopt a high tolerance approach to protestors, whom he said were entitled to gather and demonstrate.

“But if there is trouble we will be ready to deal with it and we are confident we have the resources in place,” he said.

[Partitionists! – Ed]  The Irish Defence Forces will also be available, and “checks have also been put in place at airports and ferry ports”.   And if your mobile phone stops working unexpectedly…