Taoiseach could do with answering some of the questions he once aimed at Michael McDowell?

Funniest moment of the weekend was when Sean O’Rourke took the sugar off Willie O’Dea’s wee bun when he mentioned Michael McDowell’s behaviour (blogged by George for Slugger at the time) over his intervention under remarkably similar circumstances to Alan Shatter’s stroke against Mick Wallace on last Thursday’s PrimeTime (12 minutes in)…

Though, as Broadsheet point out, it is the Taoiseach that’s in the more precarious position having condemned McDowell’s precipitative action against Frank Connolly and the Centre for Public Inquiry… They’ve cribbed some of Elaine Byrne’s Twitter feed to quote from Enda’s points to Bertie at the time:

“Were the Taoiseach & other members of the Cabinet & Gov made aware that the Minister for Justice intended to leak information deliberately..”

It should not be necessary for a Minister, particularly Minister for Justice, to deliberately leak information to a sole journalist…”

“Does the Taoiseach agree that… the method chosen by the Minister for Justice, is not in keeping with the integrity of his office?”

As of writing, I’m not sure we know how the leak took place. But the Taoiseach could do with anteing up for some of his own earlier questions

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