25% increase in homelessness as a result of intimidation (just one OFMdFM’s real problems)

Courtesy of Mark Devenport tweeted directly from Stormont…

Some things won’t just go away by chiding the media for being too pessimistic… This is one of the hidden costs in collapsing into a separate but equal approach to the future…

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  • keano10


    You may have somewhat prematurely apportioned joint blame here as it is my understanding is that the large majority of these cases were as a result of threats made by Loyalist Paramilitaries (inclusive, as it happens, of a significant number of threats to Foreign Nationals). Something which has been consistently under-reported by local media circles for some time now.

    In any case, regardless of this, surely it is the case that both Dissident Republicans and Loyalist Paramilitaries cannot be controlled or influenced in any way by OFM/DFM?

    Dissidents have already threatened to assasinate McGuinness and their seething hatred of him is almost palpable.

    With regard to Robinson, the illiterate rump of Loyalism typified by the Flag Protestors, East Belfast UVF, Willie Frazer et al, have absolutely no intention of compromising or seeking any sort of resolution with their neighbours across the divide.

    OFM/DFM could produce a million different policies in a calendar year, but none of these buffons would pass a second glance. Surely it’s about time that a resolution should be sought from within these communities. From the parents who bring up their children to practice this hatred. From the communities and organisations who are happy to bang their sectarian drums and increase tension at every available opportunity.

    Why should’nt some of that lot be held accountable for a change…?

  • aquifer

    So only Englishmen’s houses are castles.

    Ours are magnets for ne’er do wells.

  • Mick Fealty


    My fault, I should have been more precise. You could be right about where the majority of the cases occur, but as Gerry used to tell us OFMdFM is a joint office. It’s not Peter’s problem, nor Martins alone to sort out.

    The mistake we are all making with this is to think that every problem has to be tackled at the point it arises. All of these issues are abiding, deep rooted and not easy to solve.

    I don’t think OFMdFm necessarily can be expected to solve every local problem that arises. But it becomes obvious that the pure stasis in that office is killing the valiant efforts of those further down the political food chain since, as Sam McBride put it so eloquently (http://goo.gl/FkJba) that “if these two parties cannot agree in private how can they agree with all the other parties round the table…”