Draft CSI document contains yawning gaps. OFMdFM parties fear criticism.

Interesting snippet from Mark Devenport which says an awful lot

The layman might think that the obvious big gesture for Stormont to make would be to publish the long delayed Cohesion Sharing and Integration strategy, a draft of which the BBC obtained back in January.

However, publishing the whole document might be fraught with difficulties.

As the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness explained at a Stormont Castle news conference at lunchtime, the parties are still nowhere near resolving their differences on major issues like flags, parades and the past.

If a document was published with yawning gaps on these key issues, then it might just invite a wave of criticism.

[The lord forbid there might be criticism! – Ed] Instead Mark notes that “in tandem with any Westminster financial deal, Stormont ministers might try to implement some less contentious community relations initiatives”…

Whatever you’re having yourselves lads. Just so long as you get around to doing something relevant, even something that doesn’t work at the first go…

Otherwise people might begin to ask what’s the point of ye?