OFMdFM parties tell Villiers she cannot take their money ball away…

That productivity deal that Theresa Villiers has been talking about putting on the table went down well with OFMdFM, NOT… Noel MacAdam in the BelTel:

The controlling parties in the Executive also argued the attempt to use the promised package – believed to include EU Peace cash – as leverage could backfire. Finance Minister Sammy Wilson insisted it was the first time the Government had made the prospective funding conditional.

Mr Wilson also described Ms Villiers warning, revealed in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday, as vague. And the DUP minister said she had also failed so far to get the Cabinet in London to deliver an economic package, particularly in relation to devolving corporation tax powers which has been put on hold until late next year.

Sinn Fein left to the Daithi McKay to complain on their party’s behalf…

“It is an absolute nonsense and distraction from the galling economic policies her Government has introduced including cuts to the financial package from the St Andrews talks.”

Chris Lyttle of the Alliance Party who withdrew from the Executive’s CSI group:

The reaction from DUP and Sinn Fein is one of embarrassment that this has now happened. We withdrew because the strategy that was being proposed was inadequate to the needs.”

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  • Neil

    This was a near certainty. Villiers will be teed up for the blame on this one. She thinks that she can shame them into doing their work, but she’s just set herself up as a scapegoat. The boys will rest well knowing that their wages will continue to be paid. I mean, what’s gonna happen? The DUP and SF lose a stack of votes over this? Guffaw.

  • Pete Baker

    The Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers, released another statement yesterday.

    “The PM was clear when he met the FM and dFM last month that the UK Government wants to work closely with the Executive in developing a substantial package of new measures to help revitalise the Northern Ireland economy. But he also made the point that to secure a prosperous future for Northern Ireland, we also urgently need to tackle long term social problems and build a cohesive and stable society.”

    This deal is not just about spending additional public money in the traditional sense, and the Northern Ireland block grant and EU structural funding are not affected. The package we are working on with the Executive is in addition to the support Northern Ireland already receives from the UK Government. It is based on the city deals being implemented in England, though ours is more wide-ranging and ambitious. It involves looking at what more can be done to boost the private sector, while at the same time moving society towards a genuinely shared future for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

    “We need to work on bold and radical measures within our respective areas of competence. So the UK Government is examining things like enterprise zones, infrastructure projects and improving access to finance. The Executive meanwhile needs to use their extensive devolved responsibilities to develop economic and social measures -including working on building a shared future. Put simply, it’s a two way street – the greater the Executive’s ambition, the more the UK Government will be able to help. It is about partnership and working together.” [added emphasis]

    “The decision to host the G8 Summit in Fermanagh demonstrates the Government’s determination to help Northern Ireland. We want to work closely with the Executive to agree this package over the coming weeks and we are optimistic about the outcome.”

  • mjh

    “We want to work closely with the Executive to agree this package over the coming
    weeks and we are optimistic about the outcome.”

    If the British Government were really that optimistic they would not find it necessary to go public with what now looks like a last-resort publicity campaign to put pressure on the Executive.

    The interesting question is, just how serious is the UK government in wanting more action from the Executive? Will there be stick to follow if the carrot does not work? Or are they simply making it clear to everybody where the blame will lie if the money goes to some other city or region which is prepared to make more effort?

  • Barnshee

    Hilarious –SF scrambling for crumbs from the Brits table barefaced or what –not to mention hypocrisy– and wee Sammy running around in circles.bleating its not fair

    Reality biting them in the arse. Less and less money– lads (tho’ nothing like as big a reduction as you say) Sort it out yourselves!! The party’s over.

    The longer it goes on the more the incompetence of the local politicos will be exposed.

    Delighted to see the piper calling the tune -better late than never.. Keep it up Teresa

  • Barnshee
  • Mick Fealty

    I think, ironically, Neil captured it perfectly when he says ” She thinks that she can shame them into doing their work”…

    That’s not a bad message for a Tory SoS to be getting across to locals…

  • sherdy

    First item on our shopping list should be a new begging bowl – the one we have is bound to be almost worn out.
    Former PM Harold Wilson got it right years ago when he described NI as a ‘nation of spongers’.