OFMdFM parties tell Villiers she cannot take their money ball away…

That productivity deal that Theresa Villiers has been talking about putting on the table went down well with OFMdFM, NOT… Noel MacAdam in the BelTel:

The controlling parties in the Executive also argued the attempt to use the promised package – believed to include EU Peace cash – as leverage could backfire. Finance Minister Sammy Wilson insisted it was the first time the Government had made the prospective funding conditional.

Mr Wilson also described Ms Villiers warning, revealed in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday, as vague. And the DUP minister said she had also failed so far to get the Cabinet in London to deliver an economic package, particularly in relation to devolving corporation tax powers which has been put on hold until late next year.

Sinn Fein left to the Daithi McKay to complain on their party’s behalf…

“It is an absolute nonsense and distraction from the galling economic policies her Government has introduced including cuts to the financial package from the St Andrews talks.”

Chris Lyttle of the Alliance Party who withdrew from the Executive’s CSI group:

The reaction from DUP and Sinn Fein is one of embarrassment that this has now happened. We withdrew because the strategy that was being proposed was inadequate to the needs.”

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