• Rory Carr

    Goddamnit !

    I’ve been informed, amused, entertained and delighted by a bloody infomercial video from a local bloody authority !

    And then, to add insult to injury, I learn that the whole bloody thing was done on a “cheap as chips” shoestring budget and that paid for by local contractors rather than the local authority.

    If this type of thing keeps up, or worse still, starts to spread, there will be nothing left to complain about. And then where will we be ?

    I ask ye.

  • DC

    Looks like the council has mimicked popular commercial advertising culture to get its political message out fairly cheaply and in a way that’s easily understood by its audience through music, also body language makes up the largest part of communication which is lost in a bog standard press release or newspaper ad or circular, but isn’t lost in that youtube clip.

    Rather than a good deal on your car insurance, the council ensures a good deal on your potholes?

    What next, perhaps belfast city council and meerkats?