So what went wrong in the first half against Ireland?

Wonderful day…in Cardiff anyway !

  • Ireland didn’t have as many injuries 😉

    Congrats, great turn around by the Welsh considering the losing streak ye brought into the 6 nations. If any team could have done it it’s the Welsh.

  • Framer

    Did politics here die after the Mid-Ulster by-election result?

  • Firstly, its good to see you back doing Rugby blogs. I hope you managed to continue this into the Lions tour.

    Congratulations to Wales. They outclassed England big time. As for England, I think they will benefit from that match and continue to get better.

    As to the question posed in the headline, I think this is connected with their perrformances during the Summer and Autumn of last year. Ireland beat Argentina in the Autumn. By contrast, Wales were badly beaten by Argentina and Samoa. Why?

    For all that can be said about their achievements yesterday, something is still not entirely right with the Wales set up.

  • Rory Carr

    Wales did it with a passionate mixture of gusto and panache. Well deserving winners.

    Did you get your quid of Austin Healey yet, Dewi ?

  • Dewi

    Rory – he can shove his quid with the chariots!

  • Mick Fealty

    We missed your pithy regular commentary Dewi. Saturday was a smashing game of rugby played in the way only a classic Welsh side could play. You deserved it as much as we deserved our opening victory against your guys. 😉

    But that was the game that killed us. My feeling is that we’re paying the price of relying too much on the Provincial coaching system, esp in Munster and Leinster.

  • Greenflag

    Great win for Wales and this was supposed to be a close game ? England beat everybody else bar Wales and Wales beat everybody else bar Ireland .

    And the Italians beat France and for the first time ever in the RBS Ireland .

    A strange championship to say the least .