One rule for an Irish TD and quite another for a British Minister…

So Chris Huhne gets eight months in Prison. For ducking driving points on his licence by swapping them with his now ex wife Vicky Pryce. Oh, and she gets 8 months for complicity. That’s the English for ya! Andrew Sparrow even ran a live blog on it.

Guido’s hopes the judge would go easy on her because “this would never have come out if it were not for Vicky…” all came to nought. Meanwhile in Ireland, the cops are falling 0ver and over themselves to expunge the points of jobbing politicians:

According to sources, the basis for invalidating Mr Flanagan’s points was that he insisted to gardai he was on “Dail business” when stopped in June 2011 and therefore should not be liable for the charge or penalty.

A garda superintendent has the power to cancel points if he receives an appeal in writing, outlining the grounds why the offender feels the points should not be applied. “His points were dropped on foot of his representations,” a source said.

Under existing rules, Oireachtas members travelling to and from the Dail can be exempted from prosecution.

Ara Chris, it seems you got yourself elected to the wrong parliament. It could all have been so much easier. Except that Luke Ming Flanagan is to appear in the Dail to explain why he (along with three other independent TDs) led a campaign labelling Gardai as corrupt for getting influential people off their driving points after being forgiven his own…

[Shakes head slowly…]

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