USPCA: 90% of horses channelled through NI end up as meat..

Valerie Cox just now interviewed a spokesman for the USPCA on Pat Kenny’s show on RTE… He talked an operation which horses were found to be being channelled from the Republic through Northern Ireland and into Scotland.

With them horse passports and false microchips. The cheaters kit for passing off common or garden horse as fit for the food chain.

Intriguingly the horsemeat seems then to being sent to central Europe.

  • more extraordinary claims from the USPCA , and you know what extraordinary claims need

  • Otto

    Talking of the USPCA, is the surprise here that horse ends up as meat or that it gets from doggie meat to people meat?

    Does my wee dog eat horses?

  • BarneyT

    Firstly and very importantly I hope Ikea get their balls issue sorted as my trip northwards has been entirely compromised. As long as they are bute free I will continue to indulge.

    I think many like myself were surprised to see that such a high volume of horses are slaugtered in Ireland (the island) for the foreign meat market. I generally thought that we were interested in the byproducts of the animal but naively I gave no consideration for their meat.

    The horsemeat scandal serves up two issues. 1. we are unintentionally eating an animal that we culturally do not eat and 2. We are eating a meat that may be contaminated.

    If horsemeat was produced to the same high standards as beef (generally drug free) would the issue lessen and would we tolerate the same level of horse DNA contamination in beef as we tolerate with respect to pork?

  • Otto

    “we culturally do not eat”

    We’re pretty flexible nowadays.

    I had Bambi burgers last week for tea and I don’t really think horses are actually much cuter than deer.

    And have you seen the queue for Zebra or Gorilla or whatever it is at the Christmas market?

  • Mick Fealty

    These are live exports, slaughtered in Britain.

  • BarneyT

    ah ok…so we only ship livestock but dont slaughter horses here on the island and process them? (In theory of course).

    Otto…I’ve eaten a reindeer…in lapland of all places! 🙂

  • Otto

    I’ve eaten Rudolf in Helsinki Barney!

    Came with loganberries I think.

    But lapland? – that’s sort of evil.

  • Mick Fealty
  • BarneyT

    Thanks Mick. I was just reading the same article.

    We need to focus on ensuring that horsemeant is clean and free from harmful drugs. Then the health risk is removed and we can just focus on the cultural/religious or general objections to eating a pet or member of the family as some see it.

    The health risk is the real factor here, over and above mislabelling or the fact that we as meat eaters have consumed horse.

    I think I could eat horsemeat…in fact I could see it becoming part of my mane diet!!!

  • tacapall

    The point that should be focused on is the scale of the conspiracy, its a deliberate worldwide deception and its been going on for a few years. Just how can a product be put into the human food chain that might be potentially dangerous and unfit for human consumption and apparently mislabeled on such a massive scale without being detected until now. It seems a such an easy way for unscrupulous people to infect an entire species with an assortment of potentially dangerous illnesses that other people would benefit financially from and when the s… hits the pan criminal elements can be blamed.

    Mislabeled Tuna fish is the latest fraud.

    “Between restaurants and grocery stories in the US alike, 59% overall of the tuna tested was definitely not tuna as found by genetic testing.

    Sushi restaurants had the worst record, with every single restaurant’s ‘tuna’ tested in major cities like DC, Chicago, Austin, and New York City coming back as fraudulent.

    A whopping 84% of ‘white tuna’ was actually escolar, the snake mackerel fish that causes oily anal leakage and was banned by the FDA until 1992. It is still banned in Japan, Italy, and requires warning labels regarding the leaky discharge in Canada, Sweden, and Denmark.”

    Read more:

  • “59% overall of the tuna tested was definitely not tuna”

    [aside] Very interesting post, tacapall. Perhaps this tuna substitution could be beneficial, perhaps not:

    Conversely, swordfish, tuna and lobster are said to have “mercury concentrations that commonly exceed safe levels. .. Source

    “Intriguingly the horse-meat seems then to being sent to central Europe.”

    Presumably longer food chains combined with a reduction in food sampling by safety agencies facilitates fraud.

  • BarneyT

    Tacapall – hold on…is the oily leakage from the fish arse…or the consumers? Presumably the latter. Thats a new one on me.

  • The Raven

    Nevin, Tac

    Good to highlight, but let us not forget the main added-value ingredient in fish, which of course, after a wee while of becoming part of the great soup that is the ocean ends up in us.

    I note the National Farmers Conference currently underway. Interesting comment:

    “If there’s one single message that’s come from the horsemeat scandal, it’s that our consumers want to know their food is coming from as close as home as possible.”

    I suggest that’s one message. Others have to include:

    A focus on increasing consumer awareness on how the food is reared and presented on the shelf. Processors don’t need to be in Hungary to have carte blanche for the addition of all manner of chemical nonsense.

    Consumers need to learn how to cook, budget for, and make effort for the food they eat, rather than relying on a tin or a ready meal.

    And finally, someone in government has to realise that good food is the bedrock of good health, and that by giving people a little extra to invest in this, they could be saving squillions from later health-related costs.

    But then, as I noted before, “don’t interfere with the trade” has always been the British way…

  • FDM

    Just trying to get this whole thread together in my head.

    So Wullie said “its da ra” that are stealing horses [like Shergar] turning them into tuna, which in turn changes to a lower form of oil, which “da ra” are using to make illegal fuel for fuel laundering in West Belfast to make money for to buy bombs from Al Qaeda?

  • streetlegal

    There is huge amount of fraud in the Irish meat trade, north and south. That is why Michelle O’Neill’s reassurances have such a hollow ring. There is a whole can of worms that no one in authority wants to open – a chain of corruption involving farmers, meat processors and departmental officials.