Aftermath of a riot as it used to be done in Belfast…

The footage here is, I think, shot in the Beechmount area of west Belfast (I take correction on that) in 1988. No commentary, just raw footage. The presence of masked paramilitaries underlining the absence of security forces.


  • Chris Donnelly

    Mick making an early pitch for ‘The Whataboutery Post of the Year’….;)

  • “No commentary, just raw footage.”

    Well it’s not quite “raw footage”, but heck if you want to hear the accompanying commentary of the “raw footage”, here you go:

    What’s brought on this trip down memory lane Mick, surely not a new found gra for republican agitprop?

  • sonofstrongbow

    It seems that censorship is to be a high priority in the ‘New Ireland’.

  • tacapall

    That video was taken in the lower Clonard St area, French film crew I think, the masked men with guns bit anyway, the rest is a mixture of clips of Beechmount, St James and Springhill. I remember watching this years ago after it was just taken.

  • keano10

    Find this a little odd. There is widespread anticipation that there will be Loyalist violence tomorrow following the UDR commemoration Parade in Belfast. (With once again the Short Strand expected to be the likely target).

    Is this post some sort of whataboutery in advance?

    By the way, some of that footage is from The Springfield Road.

  • Banjaxed

    That footage leaps about a bit, covering Lower Falls, Dunville Park at Falls/Springfield/Grosvenor Rd junction, Beechmount and St James and possibly A’town. Looks like it has been a busy day at the office alright.

    Anyway, apart from your observation as to ‘no commentary’, in what context did you post it, Mick?

    !988 – armed paramilitaries on streets of Belfast. (The ones NOT in uniform, btw)
    Shock, horror – dog bites postman.

    So, what’s your point? Riots aren’t like they used to be? Or ‘Our side’ were better than ‘your side’ at wrecking the place?

  • Dec

    The footage is from all over West Belfast – the Rock bar, Dunville Park, Springfield road and even the M1 (I think) at one stage. Not sure what point is being made here: it’s only really a riot when fenians are involved or a hankering back to the days when the police’s sole concern when dealing with public order wasn’t ‘preservation of life’.

  • Canny See It Sur

    I reckon everyone is reading into it a bit much. I think the point being made was that even more recently than this video the police have used strikingly contrasting methods to tackle violence depending on who the culprits are.

    A more recent example is the removal of a republican white line picket outside Lumen Christi College on Bishop St in Derry, meanwhile a few days previously a loyalist protest outside SDLP offices on Bishop Street (closer to the Courthouse) was allowed to continue with no intervention from the police.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    keano10: There is widespread anticipation that there will be Loyalist violence tomorrow following the UDR commemoration Parade in Belfast. (With once again the Short Strand expected to be the likely target).

    In your head maybe???

  • Canny See It Sur

    Based on previous ‘protests’ perhaps???

  • Ulster Press Centre

    Canny See It Sur: Based on previous ‘protests’ perhaps???

    Are you including the 99% which have been totally peaceful??

  • Canny See It Sur

    Are you making up statistics?

    You can’t declare that a protest is peaceful if the protestors are engaging in illegal activity such as blocking roads or illegal marching….

    …not to mention throwing stones/bottles/petrol bombs* at the police or nationalist homes.

    *delete as appropriate.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    Peaceful = not involving violence.

    In his tribute, Mr Cameron stopped short of an apology, but expressed profound regret at the incident.

    “This was a deeply shameful event in British history, one that Winston Churchill rightly described at the time as “monstrous”. We must never forget what happened here,” Mr Cameron wrote.

    “In remembering we must ensure that the United Kingdom stands up for the right to peaceful protest around the world.”

  • Mick Fealty

    Okay, anteing up roughly in the order they occurred to me…

    Serendipity, is one reason. It came up after I watched a video of a recent Dail exchange.

    Two, I happen to know some of those parts of west Belfast since I was a very small child. The streets there are imprinted on my memory.

    Three, well, I did watch it after last night’s interview with CC Baggott. I thought it would make for some context.

    Four, I worked at what was Beechmount Leisure Centre that summer and walked, at the insistence of my English colleague, the full length the road. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife.

    But I did not have a point to make other than we should take a wee glance backwards, hopefully, before moving forwards..


  • keano10


    Rather than nostalgiac videos I notice there have’nt been any threads addressing the increasingly shambolic Flag Protests. In recent days there has been widespread in-fighting amongst the various factions involved in arranging the protests. The Ulster People’s Forum gave chosen to remove other protest organisers from it’s closed Facebook page. Namely, the Woodvale, Carrickfergus and East Belfast Flag Protest Groups.

    This has resulted in widespread anger being directed towards Jamie Bryson in particular by other flag protest groups.

    A flag protest at Brown Square this week had a grand total of THREE people in attendance (which was 2 more than attended a recent protest in The Braniel).

    Surely the total collapse of this protest is worth some sort of thread?

  • Ulster Press Centre

    keano10, I was more interested recently in the lack of a thread covering the anniversary of the La Mon massacre – when protestant pensioners were burned to death because of their religion in an attack reminiscent of the worst atrocities perpetrated in Rwanda and the Balkans.

    Although, to be fair, we did get yet another blog about the McGurks bomb (how many has that been now?).

    Gives an interesting perspective on the priorities of this site and it’s blogger team.

  • Mick Fealty


    I’m pulling something together based on last night’s the View… There’s a number of interesting and relevant point. No thread on Gerry’s Tweets either, you ought to note (though that’s a about to change too)…

  • keano10

    Cheers Mick. (And for what it’s worth I thought Gerry’s tweets were bizarre… 🙂 ).

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s good reason to refrain from much comment.. But that for another thread…

  • Doubt that either “PoblachtachAontacht” or “REBELSOFIRELAND1” who put the videos up on YouTube are exactly pursuing an anti-Republican agenda.