The shrinking heart of the UUP: A lucky 13?

So, there’s a lot of people looking at the crisis in the UUP and coming to a conclusion they hope is true. In fact Mike Nesbitt put in decent performance on Spotlight last night, but I think Emmett Doyle is not far from the truth when writes:

The Party need to come up with some answers, and fast. With respect to the other MLA’s currently in the Assembly, I would dare say the man and woman on the street would have severe difficulty naming more than five.

The promoting of new MLA’s to key portfolio’s simply isn’t paying off for media-centric Nesbitt. Sandra Overend is out of her depth up against Arlene Foster. Tom Elliott is burnt out, from what I can tell, Jo Anne Dobson who is recognised as having talent, has been thrown into the party’s Agriculture brief? I mean come on.

The only talent the party can speak of is Danny Kennedy who is seen as proving effective at the Executive, Michael Copeland who I am a big fan of, and who speaks genuinely and works hard on issues in his constituency – and pulls no punches in the Assembly Chamber – and finally Danny Kinahan, his only downfall for me is that he is a ‘big house’ Unionist – literally.


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