Nesbitt: “change happens and if you don’t roll with it then you’ll be left behind”

Interviewed in this morning’s Belfast Telegraph, Lynda Bryans was asked about the best advice she had received. It wasn’t about shrinking and growing.

Lynda Bryans Q&A in Belfast Telegraph Monday 18 February 2013

That’s an easy one. It was something Mike said to me years ago. I had to choose between a staff contract and a risky one-year contract that might not be renewed. Mike told me that change happens and if you don’t roll with it then you’ll be left behind. That’s been great advice ever since and I did take the one-year contract which was renewed over and over again.

Mike Nesbitt’s advice to his wife certainly seems consistent with his own approach to managing upheaval within the UUP: fearlessly changing tack to stop any form of differentiation with the DUP, and instead taking the less certain option of growing closer links with his larger unionist rival.

Unfortunately, this change might be at the risk of being left even further behind. Or the risk of simply being assimilated …

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