First Minister issues warning over alleged political connection to punishment shooting…

There’s little to say about this just yet other than to note that the return of punishment shootings in Belfast is hardly a sign of health in the so called peace process. A returning to old ways?

The fact that the PSNI are questioning Sean Kelly, the man convicted of the Shankill bomb (and released on licence), will not do much for public confidence either. Indeed, it has already prompted the First Minister to issue the following statement:

“The family of the man who has been shot has indicated the involvement of those associated with Sinn Fein in this attack. This connection raises potentially grave consequences for the process and we will want to meet with the Chief Constable to establish the background of this case and how the police are able to conclude that it is not paramilitary linked. We will be monitoring very closely the facts of this case as they arise and the Sinn Fein response to them.”

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  • Paulk

    Anton von Padua Alfred Emil Hubert Georg Graf von Arco auf Valley you wouldn’t once have been known as DC in a past life would you?

  • carl marks

    She said she believed her son was shot by dissident republicans and that he had received two death threats over anti-social behaviour’

    She also revealed that her son was “beat with hammers a lot of weeks ago” and had served a 33-month jail term for rioting linked to July 12 demonstrations.

    “The 33-months was for the rioting which these people called him to do and then they have a cheek and go and lift a gun and shoot him,” she said.

    wind your necks in boys, hard luck no smoking gun among SF here.
    Now have you all not got roads you could be blocking, and stopping people from getting on with life.

  • Now, where is UPC with his koolaid inspired rants about Sinn Fein shooting a young fella in the knees????

  • Anton von Padua Alfred Emil Hubert Georg Graf von Arco auf Valley

    ‘They don’t need to – nationalist councils operate a no-flags policy. They therefore cannot be sued under the employment legislation to do with symbols in the workplace.’

    You a lawyer? What’s fair about having no symbols you would have thought that if there is still a union which there is that people could enjoy the benefits of such a union and nationalist councils should follow UK guidelines on the flying of the union flag, how is neutrality living up to the British way of life, mutual respect and tolerance etc? Just because there are no legal grounds to fly the tricolour unionists shouldn’t have to have the flag come down to make nationalists feel better about themselves and having to face up to that fact on a very small number of days throughout the year.

    PaulK – I wouldn’t.

  • “What’s fair about having no symbols”

    Parity of esteem, you either have both sets or you have none.

    That’s equality for you!