Northern Ireland: Who Are We Now?

Northern Ireland: Who Are We Now? was broadcast on Radio 4 on the eve of Derry~Londonderry taking on the mantle of UK’s City of Culture. Presented by William Crawley and produced by Claire Burgoyne, the half hour programme used the national identity census results as a way in to discuss possible shifting self-perceptions and the conundrum of how we describe ourselves.

While there were a lack of There weren’t too many extreme polarised views from contributors to the programme, but there was thoughtful discussion of changing viewpoints and the increasing middle ground from academic John Garry (but not the similar sounding academic and North Down Green councillor John Barry!), East Belfast loyalist-yet-Irish-enthusiast-and-advocate Linda Ervine and Father Eugene O’Neill amongst others.

Well worth a listen. As a speech documentary, it’ll be available on BBC iPlayer for at least twelve months.

Updated to correct John Garry’s name.

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