And at Belfast City Airport: “Joy to the world…”

I’m more of an Aldergrove man myself these days, but this is just, well, nice…

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  • BarneyT

    It is named after one of my two life long heroes, George Best. The other being Che Guevara. Not sure if there is an apetite to honour Che in these parts 🙂

    So if you could do me the honour and include Georgie when referencing the said infrastruture…that would be just grand 🙂

  • Now for the bonus “I’m Sorry, I haven’t a Clue” round:

    Why do we have three airports, all adjacent to railway lines, but not a single direct connection from terminal to platform?

    Yes, I know City has/had a request mini-bus: it still drops/dropped one the wrong side of the By-pass.

  • BarneyT

    Che would have sorted that one 🙂

  • David Crookes

    ‘…..not a single direct connection…..’

    Amen: a serious bit of work is needed here.

    BarneyT, here’s a piece of early Georgian music which they can sing in the airport next year. (Copy and paste into Google.)

    Shen khar venakhi – Tu es la Vigne – Thou art a vineyard – YouTube

    A couple of years ago I was speaking at a conference in Estonia, and was introduced by the chairman as a citizen of Belfast. ‘Like the world’s greatest ever footballer,’ cried the head of the Samaritan University, who was also attending the conference.

  • wild turkey

    Genuine and genuinely moving…. and not a clue, not a hint, of any religious/political/sectarian identifiers

    ah, the middle ground in action?

    have a merry christmas mick

  • Ruarai


  • Kevsterino

    Really nice. Merry Christmas.

  • Bah! Humbug!

    Ditto over seasonal felicitations, as I head 200+ miles up the flooded A1, to the Yorkshire Dales, for a week in Hampsthwaite. No broadband, but it is reputedly the only place in the known universe with six consonants in a row. Decent beer at the Joiners Arms, though.

    Oh, and we survived the Mayan Apocalyse … unlike the Mayans (© Doonesbury, this day).


    “Why do we have three airports, all adjacent to railway lines, but not a single direct connection from terminal to platform?”

    Perhaps it could be because it would require investing tax payer’s money on things other than roads and where would the votes be in that? Of course the Regional Development Strategy makes all the right noises in support of investing in the development of the rail network, however it doesn’t appear to go beyond words and translate into action. I expect there is little political will to do so and even less will amongst officials. I heard the Minister for Regional Development interviewed on his first day in post and asked for his ideas for improving the public transport system and he didn’t appear to have any. Not a single one.

    The first impression of this place for many tourists and business travellers is made at the George Best City Airport and it is embarrassing that the railway station is so far away. I would like to ask the Minister why he has failed to so anything to address this embarrassment? If the South can rebuild parts of the Western Rail Corridor why can’t My Kennedy organise to move a railway station a few yards? Perhaps the UUP is more concerned about the flying of flags.

  • Gopher

    The train station at the City is a joke in fact it is now a monument to the failure of devolved government. Ministers must get back handers from Taxi firms (No meter in the world goes faster than a City airport cab and they manage to catch every red light) Numerous train stations in the city centre and no viable station at the airport.

    Not getting a proper connecting station, not lengthening the runway and failure to get rid of air passenger duty on a bloody island, they are clueless.

  • arsetopple

    Well done to the flash mob at the George Best City airport we could do with something to lift our spirits at the moment.
    There have been some great flash mob events in recent years:


    Imagine a hot July the OO & followers are marching past an interface where the protestors are gathered. Suddenly a lone orange man starts to sing Danny Boy & everyone goes silent. Smiles are exchanged & tentatively hands are offered for shakes. As Danny Boy fades the PSNI riot squad breaks into song with The Carpenters Top of the World

    As the camera pans out thousands of people in Rangers.Celtic shirts & bowler hats are doing the Birdie Song dance.

    Welcome To Northern Ireland 2013 Come Share The Love.

    Perhaps not

  • David Crookes

    Or perhaps. Hope maketh not ashamed!