Two men arrested after Bangor shooting of off duty PSNI officer

Twitter was thrown into confusion last night, when a Catholic off duty policeman was grazed in a shooting last night. First reports said he’d been shot, later that he wasn’t injured. Henry McDonald reports:

The officer was grazed by bullets when two men opened fire on him in the area but it is understood he was not harmed.

Two men, aged 45 and 60, were later arrested near the scene of the shooting.

The republican alliance known as the new IRA, along with the Continuity IRA, has continued to target police officers, especially Catholic recruits to the PSNI.

Last year, they murdered Constable Ronan Kerr in a booby-trap bomb attack outside his home in Omagh. Two men are also serving life sentences for killing Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009, the first PSNI officer murdered by republican paramilitaries since the police service was reformed.

Such an attempt by Republicans during the security lock down of the trouble, would have been almost in a town like Bangor. Now in what passes for peace time, longer distance travel is much easier, for terrorists or for loyalist protestors.

Two other men have been arrested and remanded in custody for the murder of David Black

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