“Honey, it’s not a Glock. It’s just a shotgun.”

Via Audrey Carville on Twitter, this great blog essay, on guns:

But more importantly, who was going to take this gun? I had to call someone, I couldn’t just keep this gun. That’s how fucked up my thinking was at the time: it was all about the gun.

When the 911 operator picked up, I was downright professional. I stated my name. I stated my location. I stated the nature of what I was calling about.

“You see,” I said, “I had to call — because I don’t know what to do with the gun. Someone has to come take this gun.”

And then, like flipping a light switch, I promptly lost my shit.

I’ve never cried that hard before or since.

But do go and read it all from start to finish

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