Continuity IRA plan to kill Limerick soldier foiled

This is worth noting for a number of reasons. One, the sheer numbers of people rounded up in the police operation; two the use of Facebook as part of the plan he needs to look at his privacy settings or some of his ‘friends’; and three, the news that this ‘IRA’ is planning to depart from a generations old truce not to commit offences in the Republic.

The Dail will be debating the issue about about 5.06pm this evening


  • GavBelfast

    Not commit offences in the Republic?

    I missed that one (pity their targets weren’t!

  • * Anonymous Gardai sources
    * 15 suspects arrested, none charged
    * Irish Independent

    Call me sceptical but looks like bullshit to me. Somebody (probably from his regiment) notices a squaddie is posting something about a Brit army function, Gardai question a bunch of his Facebook friends, squaddie cancels trip home. Sin é.

  • David Crookes

    Full marks for good intelligence work. It will be a jolly good thing if both the PSNI and the mainland police forces come to see the Gardai as their ‘cousins’.

  • BarneyT

    Let’s take the view that the CIRA regard British soldiers today as the IRA would have done in the 1970/80/90s. I would argue that they see them as fair game wherever they are. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a British (as opposed to a Limerick) soldier is under threat or that plans may have been in place to terminate him.

    I was aware that the IRA and the Irish defence force had a long standing “understanding” that they would not shoot at each other, even if the defence force member was ordered by a guard to do so. That may have been South Armagh folklore to ensure recruitment drives remained effective however.

    I would find it hard to believe that any IRA, in any more recent era would grant civilian status to British military personnel visiting the republic of Ireland or indeed take any measures that would place them out of bounds.

    Does anyone know if the soldier in question has received adequate training, is in possession of all faculties or is aware that there are elements that do not consider the “war” to be over? I allude more to his facebook activity than I do his travelling to the Irish Republic itself

  • Mick Fealty

    I would not discount that Ulick…

  • BarneyT

    You’d hope that his colleagues kicked his ass into gear

  • paddywhack

    If the planned attack was even true what would be the point? What would it do for the dissidents? how would it add to their agenda of gaining a united Ireland?

    I’m sick to death of them, I live in a dissident stronghold as it were in Co. Armagh and myself and my friends are tired of hearing the same old crap, seeing the same old slogans and murals. Having people tell me that internment in the 70’s is still alive in maghberry today. Pfffft….Have you ever in your life heard the like of it!

    Why should i listen to 20yr old somethings backed by old IRA members that can’t let go tell me what our country needs.

    I listen to people like Martin McGuinness, Jackie McDonald, the late David Irvine, Gerry Kelly etc. and the reason I do is because these people have lived through, been part of and been active in a war with guns and bombs and they know more than any of us that it simply does not work. Why can’t the dissidents not see this?

    Some Unionists are sickened that members of Sinn Fein that were once IRA members are now in government representing nationalists…….would they rather they were still representing us with guns and semtex?

    I just wish that SF would do more and more to challange dissidents, try to get them to see that the political sphere is the way to go, and that no murder like Ronan’s, Stephen’s, Mark’s and Patricks are not going to get a united Ireland but rather make the nationalist community despise them even more…

  • Submariner

    Hearing via twitter of attempt to murder police officer in Bangor.

  • Nic01

    Why so hard on them paddywhack? They’re just trying their hardest to emulate the people you mentioned, in order that you might listen to them some day too. The above mentioned didn’t just ‘live through’ the “war” with guns and bombs, they were the orchestrators and main players, and they’ve gotten old and settled into nice desk jobs with safe pensions and their grandkids all around them.
    When they were young, serious eminences in (for example) the SDLP tried to tell them that “it simply does not work”, but that didn’t stop them either.
    If you want to break the cycle, you have to stop listening to and respecting the ones who perpetuate and profit from it.

  • Henry94


    You are spot on. I do think the republican community in general need to be a bit more candid about the failure of violence. It’s easy to look at the 50s campaign and see that it was a bit pathetic and could never have worked but the “provo” effort was as much mayhem as it was possible to generate yet it didn’t alter the political equation very much at all.

    To even contemplate the amount of violence that would be required to bring about a British withdrawal is to rule it on on practical grounds alone. And even if that could be achieved we wouldn’t have even addressed the real problem which is the division in society.

    Shooting some random guy from Limerick just because you can claim he was an enemy soldier is just pointless nonsense.