Winning the War on Christmas

(Hat Tip Dan Savage)

  • Sp12

    Are you in the US by any chance?
    Comedy Central don’t allow their videos to be played by us in Europe.

  • Mick Fealty

    Yep, irritatingly that is so Ruarai… Shame…

  • Ruarai

    Dammit! Sorry guys!

  • Ruarai

    Suffice to say that if there is a War on Christmas Jon Stewart wants to know why “Santa’s balls have exploded all over Time Sqaure” and why the omnipresence of Christmas programming is so pervasive that it now includes cartoons featuring celebrations of the birth of Christ – thousands of years before the birth. And so on…

  • Sp12

    Watched it through a VPN proxy.
    Quality stuff from Jon as usual, loved the Flintstones bit.

  • Mick Fealty

    argh!! How do you DOOO that??

  • SK
  • arsetopple

    Thank you for this Ruarai & SK for the link. Very funny guy most entertaining. Perhaps for their money our politicions should be forced to act in a pantomime each Christmas.(as opposed to the rest of the year) I would enjoy seeing May McFetridge chasing them around a stage for two hours.John Snow & Jeremy Paxman could question them on real issues whilst May catches her breath.

  • Thank you lots, SK. I couldn’t even see the original link here in Canada.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Perhaps for their money our politicians should be forced to act in a pantomime each Christmas.(‘


    Force unnecessary alas -They’re a year round pantomime as it is -not always funny ha ha though-sometimes they can be funny ‘peculiar’ like yer man with the 6,000 year old Earth etc and the Hey Presto school of Creationism .

    Not as many as in the USA thank Christ .I read all those Mayan End of the Worlders are approaching the climax of their Earthly residences and are preparing for the End of Ages in a couple of weeks .
    Hold on to their wallets somebody 😉 assuming there’s anything left in them at this stage .

    A fool and his money are easily parted they say -the really difficult question this sad fact does not answer is how do they ever get together in the first place ;)?

  • Greenflag

    Thanks SK – Stewart is hilarious . Orally O’Reilly has once again put his foot where his mouth is and exchanged his thinking organ for his excretory parts .

    Still if I catch a glimpse of that red and white bedecked white bearded fraudster anytime before the 24th and I have my shotgun with me there’ll be an empty seat on the reindeer sled and it won’t be an empty elf’s seat either 😉

    Mammonalia or Bacchanalia or a Mid Winter’s shopping binge . It makes one almost wish to be Jewish like Jesus well not exactly like Jesus -just the being adored as a God part -scratch that crucifixion deal -no fun there at all at all ;(