The Gathering: Why isn’t NI getting any of this #Diasporic action…

Nice report from Al Jazeera… I’ll let it speak for itself…


  • Republic of Connaught

    What’s interesting, Mick, is if an American or indeed French journalist had made that report the tone would be very different. We can rely on a certain breed of English journalist to talk about Ireland and feel compelled to include words like “begging bowl.” in their report.

    As for the north, if an SDLP or Sinn Fein or even Alliance minister had been in officer it would have been natural to have included the north. But with Arlene Foster in office…..

  • “The Gathering: Why isn’t NI getting any of this #Diasporic action…”

    It is but only belatedly when it turned out that Dublin had excluded Northern Ireland from what it means to be Irish and had, allegedly, only given Belfast one day’s notice of the project.

    As it says on the tin, I dabble in genealogy, history and politics. I’ve been very critical of the parochial approach to tourism in both jurisdictions [2 posts] where there’s been insufficient attention paid to the needs and desires of visitors, including the Diaspora; I’ve been banging the drum – bodhran and Lambeg – in a manner of speaking.

  • RegisterForThisSite

    the last few seconds is the difference between Ireland and the UK, Ireland has barely scratched the surface on making cuts, whereas the UK has flogged everything and cut everything to the bone and the budget is still out by about £130,000,000,000.00 this year.

    You can see a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel for Ireland, but it’s not looking good for the British people at all, as HMG pick over the bones of what is left to divvy up the remaining bits among their friends.

    Sadly what affects Britain will also impact on Ireland and Europe, we can only hope they find away out of the mess

  • sherdy

    Should the question not be: ‘Why does NI not want any of this diasporic action?’

  • Jim Miley – nice guy – my former boss.

    If Israel can do it why not Ireland, we’ve an almost uniquely disproportionate Diaspora.

    I’m sure NI will at least get a spill over.

  • RoC [1.48] I was going to say exactly that. She’s so full of herself on a 24hr drip of Norn iron as a tourist mecca and even suggested foreigners coming to the island should be told to see NI as a whole part of the uk, which she’s on a hiding to nothing with that. In Britain they see us as an administrated extension of their territory but that’s it, so why does she expect foreign visitors to look on us as anything but part of the island of Ireland.

  • RFTS [2.49] It’s obvious why a Tory chancellor would strip everything to the bone, as they want to do that as an ideology anyway but realise they can only justify it in a n economic crisios so they’re really in their element now. The only reason they haven’t abolished all benefits already is they know anarchy would result and would be just as expensive in the end. The LibDems are 100% to blame for this as they let Cameron in.

  • boondock

    ‘The Gathering: Why isn’t NI getting any of this #Diasporic action…”’

    Just dont understand it myself. There is so much to do here 2 nights ago the tourists were able to witness a good spirited street carnival behind the city hall and then last night in Carrick you could experience good old fashioned warm Ulster hospitality.