#Belfast2020: What horses should Belfast hitch its future to?

Katheryn Torney’s excellent interviews in the Irish Times today asks some searching questions about the past.

Daniel Jewesbury’s remarks are particularly revealing where he notes that over the last ten years “we have spent a lot of time hitching ourselves to the wrong horses.”

In part, I suspect this is an inevitable downside to the post conflict society where there is little agreement over the longer term destination of the local population. And not least, though not exclusively, the political destination.

Add to that the likelihood of increased competition for rapidly diminishing public resources and the need to start casting a view much further ahead than the next two or three budgetary cycles (which may spread the bad news more evenly and fairly than before) becomes more than just another interesting exercise.

So without getting into cumbersome details, what wagons should Belfast consider hitching itself to?

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