DUP leaflet accuses Alliance Party of ‘ununionist activities’…

So, the DUP even up the councillor score on Belfast City Council and now there’s a leaflet specifically attacking the Alliance party. Anyone feel a heave coming on?

Here’s an interesting detail:

The UUP has also confirmed its councillors were involved in distributing the leaflets and said flag policy was an emotive issue for unionists.

The leaflets are printed in the Alliance party’s distinctive yellow colours and include the telephone numbers for its headquarters and east Belfast office.

Over the past two weeks, they have been posted through doors across Belfast, ahead of an upcoming debate on flag policy that is due to take place at the council next month.

Unionist unity at last! Anyone told Mike his Belfast activists are putting DUP leaflets out in the field? So the DUP gloves are off. But is the MP for East Belfast the target? Or is it just covering fire for the co-option of the councillor with colourful connections with the past?

Keep watching this space.

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