#SocialInnovation: Just how Innovative is Northern Ireland?

Well, probably not as bad you might have feared. But then again, we’re probably not as good as you might have hoped.

This chart looks at European regions in terms of their capacity to generate innovate. It’s NOT about social innovation per se, but I wondered if it give us clues as to the cultural preparedness of NI to innovate?

London and SE England is a Medium Leader. But NOTE, only Germany, Sweden Switzerland, Austria and Finland are in the High Leadership category (from reading the map that is).

In Ireland, Leinster/Munster is High Follower table. Scotland is a Moderate Follower. Northern Ireland is categorised as Moderate.

In other words, Irish industry in the south is a whole category higher than that of Northern Ireland. The report from which is this is taken is here: http://goo.gl/q6g8j

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