President Obama re-elected

President Obama projected to win in Ohio; Democrats hold Senate; GOP hold House – Tea Party loses big.

And the fight kicks off in conservative circles.

David Frum:

How? Why? The short answer is: The Tea Party struck again

Bill O’Reilly:

Why dwell on the fall-out among the defeated side? Because how Republicans react to this defeat – a defeat despite an unemployment rate north of 8% – may shape American politics for the next 4 years.

Will Republicans dig in?

Having purged moderates in primaries, only to lose Senate races where holds and gains looked their’s, for example in Indiana and Missouri, Frum’s argument has more potency than O’Reilly’s. Put another way, one man is saying, “let’s get real about the future” while the other is angrily lamenting the loss of more than an election. O’Reilly Republicans are lamenting the loss of the country they knew.

Democrats didn’t just win here, demographics have confirmed a whole new era and, to paraphrase Ta-Nehisi Coates, the end of Whiteness as a the primary organizing force in the United States.

The current GOP cannot live to fight another day, it must change.

The question now, surely, is how long will Republicans grieve?

With sequestration posed to take effect on Jan. 2, 2013, as the military industrial complex faces serious budget cuts and 1%-ers are facing the end of the Bush Tax Cuts, we’ll know the answer very soon.

I’m going to bed. Tomorrow is Morning in America.

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