#DigitalLunch: Barriers to Social Innovation…

Today’s #DigitalLunch asks what are the barriers to innovation? Not just in Northern Ireland, but generically. We go live at 1pm, with a rolling panel to discuss not just what the barriers but also how they may be got around.

YouTube video

As ever, we’re looking for your questions for the panel to chew over. We already have a couple over at the associated Google Moderator page:

“How can the personal risk that social entrepreneurs take be reduced? We need to eat and support our families while we work up our projects and yet organisations like Unlimited specifically exclude grant aid for living expenses.”

“Some of the peripheral economies in the UK are perceived to be less entrepreneurial than London and the SE. What can be done by government or semi state bodies to encourage risk taking and social innovators?”

If you have a Google account, you can vote on these. And please feel free to add your own. The more varied questions we have the more our panel will have to get a grip of.

If you feel sufficiently strongly that you want to jump in, you will need a G+ account and the chat app pre-loaded (google.com/chat/video). Then just ping me with a request to gplus.to/mickfealty!

The point of these conversations in the first place is to have them in the open, and in the second make them amenable to people way beyond what’s known as those beyond the usual suspects.

Or as Tim Worstall might say, those who have the uncanny ability to stay awake in committee. We will have the live feed going out of YouTube embedded here from 1pm. But if you want to engage with us directly, the Google Event page is the best place to go.

And don’t forget on Thursday we’ll be talking about how to make social innovation sustainable.