Ringtone and the drum: Africa’s underclass’s clash with technology

My old friend from River Path has a book out today (his first, hooray!). I’d be lying if I told I’d read the whole thing right through, yet (I’m waiting for a free copy, rather than reams of white paper!!). But I have been talking with Mark on and off about the project for much of the last two years.

If you want to get to grips with what’s happening in rapid development of Africa, Mark’s work is generally both accessible and thorough. I’ve no doubt the Ringtone and the Drum is too.

Some of you may remember my interview with him in the summer:

Some say that it is not possible to sell books on sub Saharan Africa in the West. But the story Mark has to tell informs us as much about our developed world’s relations to the developing world as the developing world itself.

Here – at our very first #DigitalLunch on social innovation from the Big Society offices in London – Mark talks about ‘Dollar boys’ who can exchange currency on the street sometimes up to large amounts.

You can pick up a copy in the Slugger Bookstore.

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