“…an IRA worth tens of millions of dollars”

No, not that one. This was Lily Ledbetter providing last night’s DNC convention with some much needed real world perspective.

“A few pennies may not be much if you’ve a Cayman Island bank account”

This woman has earned the right to speak. And if you think Eamonn McCann can deliver a line…

  • Rory Carr

    Lilly Ledbetter, you are one classy lady. Take your place among the exalted – Jeanne d’Arc, Mother Jones, Rosie the Riveter and last, but not least, our own Bernadette.

  • Mister_Joe

    A powerful speech indeed. Should swing some undecided female voters if they heard it.

  • Brian

    I dont think this was even on TV here. The only speeches they had on network TV were parts of Elizabeth Warrens and Bill Clintons.

    But what will be on TV everywhere in the next few months is hundreds of millions of dollars of negative advertising from Romney’s endless coffins

  • Brian