The US Presidential Election: For what we are about to receive…

Reading  Glenn Greenwald’s piece in Pete Baker’s previous post  will reinforce in the minds of many their negative views of the American political process and the Presidential elections, and that’s even  before we start getting personal about US presidents with our own favourite stories about their stupidity and iniquity.

This  negative coverage will increase exponentially as the election reaches a climax, it always does, and many will sneer  and feel superior  little realising USA today, UK tomorrow alright  at the next election, indeed Brit analysts  are surely embedded already  in the respective camps.

But let’s just remind ourselves of why America is worthy of our admiration and gratitude. This list is based on one I copied years ago from a BBC messageboard, beyond that I don’t have a source.

For Americans to be able to elect and not re-elect  the most powerful man or woman in the world is quite simply…….. democratic.

  1.  That they  have the moral and political strength to impeach Presidents.
  2. That they can  go to war with itself over the issue of slavery.
  3. That they can  hold together as one nation  vastly separated peoples, both in distance and culture.
  4. For the last 50 years to be the sole power strong enough and willing enough to defend the freedoms of the western world.
  5. To be wise and magnanimous enough to transform  Japan and Germany from broken, defeated fascist dictatorships  to healthy democracies with powerful economies.
  6. The American Dream. Through hard work, frugality, and self sacrifice people can achieve financial success and social mobility.
  7. Their idealism. They helped create the UN, the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation.
  8. Their belongingness. A million people a year take the oath of allegiance by choice.
  9. Their role as a world policeman protecting shipping lanes.
  10. Their willingness to accept  foreign nationals who move to the USA for higher education, who either remain  or  return to their home country, taking their skills with them.

I think that’s enough to be going on with but already  I hear the first brickbat.

Yes I know I’m self delusional and that America has lots of ills and inequalities, and has committed many foul deeds in the name of democracy and freedom, and is far from perfect. But, and this is a big BUT. America exists. Utopias do not.

Bring on the Presidential election but less of the sneering please.

By the way Langley is watching; contributors  may be  extradited.