“some of us are looking at the stars. Just not very many of us…”

Reading Frank McNally’s An Irishman’s Diary today – on the number of comments here, compared to the numbers here – all I can say is that, fortunately, I don’t suffer from ‘comment envy’…  Much.  From today’s Irishman’s Diary.

And all right, Mars might be a minority interest on most websites, never mind sites focused on Northern politics. One couldn’t expect stories from the red planet to be anything like as pressing as events on the green and orange planets where most Sluggerotoole contributors live.

Nevertheless, the length of the respective discussions highlighted a severe lack of perspective. Number of comments on the Mars thread (at time of writing): 3. Number of comments on Dungiven parade: 259. Clearly, as Oscar Wilde said, some of us are looking at the stars. Just not very many of us.

IT’S A MAD idea, I admit. But maybe enforced annual visits to Armagh Planetarium should be part of the training for all Northern politicians, community leaders and parade organisers. You never know. An afternoon spent gazing at the heavens, every July or August, might help ease tensions on the ground.

He has a point, you know…  [You would say that! – Ed]

ANYhoo… Read the whole thing.