Late night panel: US Election and what matters on Main Street?

Gore Vidal once famously noted of American politics, “there is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.”

An exaggeration, of course. But it is not always obvious to those of us who live far beyond the watery borders of the American Republic exactly what ‘animal spirits’ have the capacity to move votes in the world’s most powerful democracy.

What we do know is that many of the tensions and problems being faced by America’s leaders (the question of credibility, or the disappearance of affluent society) are mirrored in Europe.

So tonight, at 11.30pm, we have the first in a series of late night panels with people joining us from across the US to try to describe the state of the Union as it heads into what looks like it could be an unnervingly close election for the President.

If you want to join us, check out the event page on Google Plus, or ping me a message at Or just give us your own questions here

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  • Mister_Joe


    A question I would liked to be asked is “Why do so many people not bother to vote?” (Not confined to only the USA, of course).

  • Kevsterino

    Hello Joe,
    I’d like to offer my opinion in regards to why so many do not bother to vote. I think you have to separate those who don’t bother to register with those who don’t bother to vote. In Missouri registering is extremely easy. So hassle-free in fact that to fail to register almost has to be the intention of the individual. I know a few of these folks. They hate politics and everything associated with it and don’t care who knows it. Then there are the people who are registered but rarely show up at the polls on election day. I know fewer of these and understand them less. It seems they conclude their vote is not a likely difference-maker and don’t see much difference between the parties or the candidates.

    all the best