“It is as if someone is trying to hide the sun with two fingers.”

Another ‘lesson’ from the Northern Ireland Process, being implemented in a more systematic manner elsewhere…

Afghanistan’s government is rewriting history, literally.

The education ministry has endorsed a new history curriculum for school students that deletes nearly four decades of the country’s war-torn past.

The government says textbooks based on the new curriculum will help bring unity in a country traditionally polarised along ethnic and political lines.

But critics accuse ministers of trying to appease the Taliban and other powerful groups by erasing history that portrays them in a bad light. They say the government is trying to win over the Taliban before Nato and US forces leave the country.

Afghanistan is entering a hugely uncertain time post-Nato, during which tricky arrangements with the Taliban and other players are expected.

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Adds  As I’ve said before, some people would prefer that we forgot completely about the entire 20th Century…