DARD also appointing more Catholics than Protestants (as well as DCAL and DRD)…

Well, without adding too many caveats to this one, I think Jim Allister is on to something with his posting of the latest employment figures at DARD

It’s a spectacular outcome when you consider “24 Protestants were appointed from 159 applicants and 20 RCs from just 74 applicants”.

Now the caveats. We really ought to see what the picture is across all departments. And as one commenter on Slugger’s Facebook page noted:

…with Catholics being majority at universities here, they may well be better levels of education and therefore best qualified for jobs?

However, all department across the local administration would do well to explain how it comes up with such seemingly anomalous results. Not least since we have been reassured that employment patterns have generally been 1:1 across all departments.

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