Orders find solution to #Twelfth restrictions at #Ardoyne

The optics of this are pretty ridiculous. The BBC are reporting the solution to the restriction on passing Ardoyne by 4 pm as:

Members of three Orange lodges will be ferried across Belfast by bus to meet a 16:00 BST deadline for passing the flashpoint Catholic area of Ardoyne.

Orangemen say it’s a peaceful solution to allow them to complete their return parade from the main celebrations to their Orange halls in north Belfast.

Details have not yet been announced but the BBC understands the solution involves the use of at least one bus.

A group will leave the main celebration and travel to the Woodvale Road.

Obviously, any peaceful solutions should be praised.

But, if I was the Orange Order, why the hell would I want to be bussed through parts of the city that are covered in flags and bunting, where there is potential for a crowd and even a party atmosphere and a memorable evening (in a good way), to make the really narrow point of getting to the one interface on the route where significant problems arise every single year?

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