“All we have to do now is talk to Mr and Mrs Fenian…”

All getting a little too hot and heavy round here at the moment, so here’s a view of the world from the early seventies, featuring noises off from Mr Faulkner and Mr Heath…


  • Timeless, Dick Emery will never die.

  • articles, that looks remarkably like a son of Ballymoney, Jimmy Young 🙂

  • Nice try Nevin, but I know Dck Emery when I see him (her)

  • articles, you need a new glasses prescription.


  • Mick Fealty

    I think he’s being droll… No one else see the post O’Neill irony in looking to speak to ‘Mr and Mrs Fenian’ back in 1974?

  • Erasmus

    Definitely James Young. I actually remember this sketch from his Saturday night Beeb show.

  • Was it not Gerry Adams who accused Bertie Ahern’s administration of ‘not wanting a Fenian about the place’ – good enough for a Stormont Executive but not a Dáil one?

  • Mention of Saturday night on the Beeb clinches it for me, you’re right it’s not Dick Emery it’s Les Dawson.

  • SDLP supporter

    It’s definitely 100% James Young and I’m almost certain he was born and reared in Belfast.

  • Mister_Joe

    I remember it being reported back in the early 70s that James Young was stopped at a checkpoint by BA personnel and being held for questioning for a while because of suspicions over his collection of “disguises” in the trunk. Apparently he told them that if they wanted confirmation of who he was they should put him on the phone to N.I.’s PM.

  • Alan N/Ards

    Takes me back a few years. Brilliant!.

  • neutralist

    James Young alright. The character here was one of his regulars: Orange Lily.
    This sketch actually brings home his comic genius: he was actually better than the ‘Give my Head Peace ‘ crew in that he could singlehandedly do all the characters — of both sexes.

  • Let’s settle this, there appear to be three possibilities, anybody want to go out on a limb with a definitive identification.

    Is it
    A) Dick Emery the comedian,
    B) Jimmy Young the DJ,
    C) Les Dawson the comedian and pianist.

  • Mister_Joe

    Definitely Marty Feldman. You can tell by the bulging eyes.

  • lamhdearg2

    I have this (the best of) on video and dvd, (thats as high tec as I get) I even took to buying dvds as presents.
    “bomb up yer yard” ” I’m yer binman” “have ye any makeup that dosen’t crack when you curse”. funny man.

  • Put us out of our misery, lamhdearg2, which name is on the video or DVD?

  • Reader

    It can’t be Les Dawson – he was far prettier than this.

  • Erasmus

    Look guys it was DEFINITELY James Young (God be good to him). I will enter any wager on it.
    I actually remember the sketch — the show was a regular part of Saturday nights in my house — to the extent that I anticipated the ‘I know which church I will not be joining’ remark.

  • between the bridges

    along with Erasmus i remember the show, years later geri hadiwell modeled herself on orange lil…

  • Mister_Joe

    Are we all having fun?

  • I am not being awkward Erasmus or BTB or casting any Persians but, as we all know only too well in this part of the world, memories can play us false.

    I’d prefer the concrete evidence of a name on a video or DVD which lamhdearg2 can provide.

  • lamhdearg2

    our jimmie/jimmy, depending on which copy.

  • Thanks lamhdearg2

    That’s more than good enough for me.

    Some others mind, might want confirmation that these are not dodgy dvds/videos from Nutts Corner or out the back door of Strandtown, you never know what you’re getting.

  • lamhdearg2

    sorry articles, thats gone over my head.

  • Mine too, just a poor attempt at humour, forget it.