“Sinn Féin in my opinion has been slowly sedated…”

In light of Mick’s post, and now Brian’s follow-up, it’s worth noting an Irish News report today of Ballymoney Councillor Anita Cavlan’s resignation from Sinn Féin “over concerns it is failing prisoners”.  From the Irish News report

The Ballymoney councillor said she believed Sinn Féin had “lost direction” and “should be doing more to represent the prisoners”.

“Sinn Féin in my opinion has been slowly sedated and now has been rendered unconscious by the intoxication of an illusionary power to govern,” she said.

According to the report the councillor intends to remain as an independent member of Ballymoney District Council.

“It is not that I support dissident activity.  I would hate it to go back to the way it was.  There were a lot of lives lost in all sections of the community.”

“There are those still amongst us who will insist that continued military action is the only way to achieve a united Irish republic.

“I disagree with them but I will not torture and abuse them if they are imprisoned.”

She said Sinn Féin’s calls for the urgent release of dissident republican Marian Price have been “weak”.

It’s what happens when “the guerillas” become “the people in power”…

But, as I noted in the comment zone earlier, other parties are free to ask questions.