Enda won’t debate Gerry who in turn won’t debate Micheal on the Treaty…

Hmmm…. The Taoiseach won’t debate in anything hosted by Vincent Browne… And while Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty was slapping it into the Taoiseach, it seems Gerry Adams won’t go head to head with Micheal Martin

Mr Martin said: “It is quite clear that Gerry Adams is not serious about debating the real issues in this Treaty directly with the ‘Yes’ side.

“After refusing my invitation for a head-to-head debate last weekend, Deputy Adams issued an invitation to the Taoiseach that he knew was unlikely to be accepted.

  • tyrone_taggart

    Did TV3 not invite both Mr Adams and Mr Kenny? If Mr Kenny cannot debate with Adams then God help him.

  • Mick Fealty

    He doesnt like Vincent for some reason…

  • Mac

    Vincent has offered to let Ursula Hannigan host.

  • Trapattoni


    TV3 offers to stage debate with Ursula Halligan as moderator

    Invitation reissued to Taoiseach this evening

    TV3 broadcaster Vincent Browne has offered to stand down as moderator in a proposed television debate between Enda Kenny and Gerry Adams if it enables the debate to proceed.

    Earlier today the Taoiseach ruled out appearing on the proposed TV3 debate, saying he would not take part in a programme moderated by journalist Vincent Browne. The Sinn Fein leader has already accepted TV3’s invitation.

    In a statement today Vincent Browne said “I am disappointed that Enda Kenny has declined our offer to participate in a debate because of my involvement as moderator. I do not understand what his objections are but nonetheless, I do not wish to inhibit this important public debate from proceeding. The public’s right to information far outweighs any other issues which may act as a barrier to a substantial debate on an issue of national and vital importance.”

    TV3 has this afternoon issued another formal written invitation to the Taoiseach to participate in the debate with Gerry Adams moderated and chaired by TV3 Political Editor Ursula Halligan on Tuesday May 29th at 8pm.

    TV3 Director of News Andrew Hanlon said “TV3 has done its utmost to facilitate a debate between the Taoiseach and Sinn Fein leader in order to help our viewers make an informed decision on the forthcoming referendum, the outcome of which will be crucial to the future of this country. TV3 takes seriously its duty to provide the public with balanced and fair news and current affairs content, particularly where issues of national importance are involved. We look forward to televising the debate on May 29th.”

  • Mick Fealty

    There’s a fair amount of showboating here all round… Not least by TV3… It’s like advertising the playbill before you’ve actually booked the starring players…

    Can Enda still say no if Vincent steps down? Why won’t Gerry met Micheal? Confused? You will be, after this episode of “let’s not talk about the treaty in front of the children nation?”

  • PaulT

    Kenny refuses to debate
    Gilmore is in hiding
    Martin will debate the treaty, just not with O’Cuiv

  • tyrone_taggart

    ” Why won’t Gerry met Micheal?”

    He said he would. He just more important people to be included in the debate. Thus placing Michéal Martin as a bit player. Pearse Doherty would always be available if Michéal needs someone to talk with.

  • seamus60

    Lets have it at the Gasyard with Miriam as host. LOL

  • Mick Fealty


    Of course. Though, if I were Gerry I think I’d be a great deal more comfortable with Enda (since they both fairly weak on detail) than Micheal…

  • Zig70

    I can understand Enda’s issue, prob copied the tactic from Alex Fergusen. VC can be cutting to everyone. I can’t see where Gerry has given a reason for refusing or actually refused directly (link didn’t work above). Gerry hasn’t always sparkled in the dail. I’d say he’d be hoping it doesn’t come off. The bigger issue is what us northerners are going to do without TV3 come the digital switchover.

  • Mick Fealty

    He doesn’t trust Vincent to keep to any pre agreed rules… But he also doesn’t want to give Gerry the kudos of looking, erm, presidential… And theres the issue of whether he can concentrate longer than the west Belfast man…

    Conor Pope had this report on Gerry’s yes to Micheal, which was yes, but not you on your own:

    “As President of the leading party advocating a no vote, Gerry Adams should be willing to debate and outline what he believes a no vote would mean for Ireland,” he continued.

    Mr Martin claimed there was “a fundamental dishonesty at the heart of Sinn Féin’s analysis” and he rejected its assertion that if Ireland votes against the ESM Europe will respond with “more money at better interest rates” describing it as “completely untrue and inaccurate”.

    Mr Martin said he wanted to “tackle this head on with their party president. Those who have the privilege of leading a political party have an obligation to promote
    and defend their party policy,” he said.

    He expressed the hope that Mr Adams would “step up to the mark and agree to a one-to-one debate.”

    In response Mr Adams appeared to sidestep the call for a one-to-one debate. He said that he would be happy to debate Micheál Martin “and all other party leaders on the Austerity Treaty”.

    Mr Adams added that given the importance of the referendum to Ireland’s future “there should be a live TV debate with all party leaders, similar to the General Election.

    “Obviously the key players in any debate will be the leaders of Fine Gael and Labour as it is the government who must explain where the €6 billion in cuts is going to come from and who must answer questions about the veto.”

  • tyrone_taggart

    Mick Fealty

    “Though, if I were Gerry I think I’d be a great deal more comfortable with Enda (since they both fairly weak on detail) than Micheal…”

    Micheál Martin is strong on Europe and would be better than Enda. He has already been up on TV and made his points. With the broadcasting rules that require both sides get 50 per cent of airtime FF is starting to look like Team Martin. Debating with Mary Lou/Joe Higgins/ on TV3 may have given him the opportunity to get his point across but it also made him a cabinet member in the debate rather than a leader.

  • Zig70

    The big problem for SF is they aren’t credible on economics. Theire plan has no professional voices behind it that I’ve heard and no practical examples to draw on. Maybe they could ge Tim Price from the Dailycapitalist.com for the debt reduction part and then Paul Daniels for the IMF bailout.

  • Mick Fealty

    The No camp probably need help from the right I think… not least because some of the wilder claims made re the continued ability to continue to borrow in order to keep create a stimulus…

    But a market specialist might just scare the horses by giving people some answers they don’t want to hear… They need someone like Ganley, who’s right across the detail but who might be better able to sell it…

  • Mick Fealty

    Paul T, talk about hiding, has anyone seen Pádraig after last weeks TWIP? Brian Hayes predicted he’d be grounded for the rest of the campaign…

  • redhugh78

    “Given the importance of this referendum to Ireland’s future there should be a live TV debate with all the party leaders, similar to the general election,” Adams said in a statement to TheJournal.ie.’

    That was on Saturday, do keep up.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s never yesterday’s chip paper here Hugh… You know that… It’s there for the benefit of those with poor short term memory

  • Zig70

    I’d agree the no analysis is fairly on the right. I’d agree with SF to a point and then they lose me. They shouldn’t be getting drawn in to the detail. The most sensible analysis is that no one knows what the outcome of renegotiations, but the current deal is posionous. No one knows the best macro economic solution but it’s obvious to anyone the debt is unsustainable. My bro across the border is turned off and prob won’t vote.

  • 241934 john brennan

    If Enda agrees to a TV debate with with President Gerry, might he not also require guarantees from the ‘moderator’ that he/she will not read out a tweet to the effect that Enda has accepted donation on behalf of Fine Gael

  • Lionel Hutz

    When the constitution was rejected, they had to tweak things a little to get it through the second time round.

    The most compelling argument for the “NO” vote is that if we say no, we can get back to the table with a very different dynamic since the election of Hollande and events in Greece

  • lamhdearg2

    We only need to get “yes” once, you need to get “no” all of the time.