Community silence starting to break over abuse in Lancashire?

On foot of the conviction of nine Asian men in Liverpool on Monday here’s a long and considered piece by Michael White on the difficulty of tackling a particularly pernicious problem

Writing in Tuesday’s Times, Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Rochdale-based Ramadhan Foundation, reports how elders in his own community have shrugged their shoulders at child-sex grooming by young men, sometimes aware that it is shameful, sometimes inclined to keep silent rather than do the BNP’s work for it, sometimes inclined to blame wider British society for the over-sexualisation – good point – of the young.

Shafiq himself has been campaigning in vain for years and now declares the taboo broken. Good. He also reports that 59 of the recent spate of 68 convictions have been of men of Pakistani origin. He praises the courage of the girls who spoke out to give evidence and reminds Lancashire Muslim community elders that they are “no different from our own wives and daughters”.

That’s an important point because the trial again made clear that the convicted rapists did not regard their victims as such. Quite the opposite, they were trying to square their highly conservative cultural traditions, those of rural Pakistani villages, often their religious piety too (one of the rapists was revered for his knowledge of the Qur’an), with their need for off-the-books sex. Poor English girls plied with drink and threats were one solution.

This “otherness” is crucial to most forms of cruelty down the ages. Once the perpetrator has established the less-than-human inferiority of their victim – Yids, Polacks, niggers, pakis, chinks, abos, kaffirs – then anything is permissible. The British empire did its share, as do most empires past and present. To the litany of familiar abuse can now be added Lancashire girls.

Indeed. That would be one of those dark places in Ireland I mentioned yesterday

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  • Indeed.
    But there is little moral high ground.
    Trafficking of people in Britain and Ireland has shown that many young women from Eastern Europe, Asia and West Africa are destined for the sex industry.
    An example of their “otherness”.

  • Mick Fealty

    I wasn’t quoting it for the morality of it, but as an example where social solidarity has broken the back of an invidious problem, in part through the recognition that it was a problem that could and should be dealt with.

    I fear we are a long way off that whilst we are tempted to blame the church for all of it…

  • Im not sure it HAS been dealt with…..Rochdale (this time), Derby (I think last time) and I suspect it will be on ongoing story rather like sex abuse in a different context has been here.
    The key thing might be that “our” sex abuse appeared to involve one community but Rochdale seems to show (and I am trying to be careful here because its a subject almost impossible to blog about….Ive avoided it for 24 hours) one ethnic community being abused and another ethnic community abusing.
    That could be a toxic mix… Oldham, Burnley, Bradford, Huddersfield.
    I fear we have not heard the last of this.

  • Mick Fealty

    Almost certainly we’ve not… I also think, as you suggest, the fractured community loyalties also make it that much harder to come clean…

    I think we can be assured that this is not a one community problem, either here or anywhere else… Anyone who may be comforting themselves with that thought is deluding themselves…

    Fear is the biggest block to coming out, and it may be that people simply do not fear the Catholic church in the way they once did, and that’s why we’ve seen movement here first…

  • DC

    In relation to Ireland, if much of the law is built on christian values (maybe that is a clue to the asian abuse as well) why would victims rush to turn to the law for a solution?

  • Forgive me if I recall, after early retirement, I worked a year in an all-Bangladeshi boys’ school in Stepney Green. It was a tough number. Poor facilities. Grim building. Badly resourced. Over-sized classes. Heavy staff turn-over (which is why I was there). Dedicated, committed, female, non-Asian colleagues had a particularly hard time. The experience didn’t do much for my liberal pretensions.

    I hope others catch up with

    I sense that O’Neill (another of those who seem to have crossed the political stage from far-left to libertarian right) is constantly measuring up the shoes of others, Peter Hitchens for an example, and finding that no padding will make them fit. Even so, here is his wind-up:

    The truth is that there is something specific going on here, something which is more prevalent among Asian communities, particularly Muslim ones, than among other communities. For a variety of reasons – mainly because the attitudes and behaviour of white working-class women are so profoundly at odds with the outlook of conservative Muslim communities – there is a tendency among many Muslims to look upon such women as inferior, as “sluts”. What’s more, in our era of multiculturalism, ethnic minorities are implicitly encouraged to distance themselves from their “host community” and even to view the host community’s culture as inferior to their own, as more shallow, hedonistic and consumer-orientated than their own authentic cultural lives. Mash these things together and it isn’t really surprising that there are some cut-off, conservative ethnic groups which now view young, white, possibly “fallen” women as unworthy and acquire a superiority complex over white “slags”. In Rochdale, certain individuals took that sense of cultural superiority in a terribly abusive direction.

  • andnowwhat

    I’m astounded that the longest sentence given was only 19 years, with the shortest being 4. Hell, one girl was raped 20 times in one day.

    Anyway, isn’t it astonishing how on Slugger and other Irish sites, some serious mud gets slung back and forth, some of it can get quite vicious and yet here we are, like the rest of the media, unable and unwilling to let loose at at the source of the mentality at hand, a mentality towards rape and the victims of it epitomised by friendly states such as Saudi Arabia.

    3 interesting features of last night’s Newsnight. Firstly, the interview with the girl who’s reports of being raped were dismissed by the police. They said that the cops didn’t think her a reliable witness. That may be true but the other 2 points that I wish to raise may lead elsewhere. A man from Bernardos said that it was true that there was a higher rate of such activity according to statistics but on came a cop and said the contrary.

    Then there’s…..

  • andnowwhat

    Meant to add, could the media please stop referring to these men as “Asians”? Given the vastness and multiple cultures of the continent, it’s a term that means nothing save for being a way to save the obvious sensitivities.

  • Credit to Mr Fealty.
    It is an almost impossible subject.
    Race rarely allows any nuance and like Mr Redfellow, I find it is one of those issues where my liberal pretensions come under threat.
    Its an issue people tend to “tippy toe” around. Almost fearing to say anything lest it be misconstrued as (a) racist or (b) political correctness gone maaad.

    The balance between tolerance of acceptable forms of culture and unacceptable forms is a challenge. And I think too often “liberals” have feared to speak out….ritual slaughter of animals, the Pakistani village leadership culture of which George Galloway spoke was acceptable because it was a friend of Islam who spoke.
    We find a difference between arranged and forced marriage.
    Yet it is only thru a liberal speaking up that we can really discuss issues like this.
    Irish example?….well of course we are used to Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael backwoodsmen make “unacceptable” comments about “travellers” but about ten years ago a Labour TD (was it Emmet Stagg?) raised the same issues from a leftist perspective.
    The issue of allegedly foreigners preying on vulnerable youth is of course not new. Whitechapel perhaps in late 19th century was a clash of cultures where women were vulnerable to exploitation and people perceived as alien were blamed.

  • DC

    Just grow a set and say what you want.

  • DC

    Atangledweb doesn’t miss.

    The Establishment owes BNP leader Nick Griffin an apology. He was arrsted and subjected to a show trial a few years ago. Among his “crimes” was his claim that Paki muslim gangs are targeting young English girls for rape. For the truth, he was put on trial, as is happening to an increasing number of people in once-free Britain. The Establishment knows its flooding of Britain with muslim aliens has been a disaster, an outright and obvious catastrophe for the British people. As we see today, it’s job now is to flood our country with propaganda and lies to cover up its wicked crimes against us and its culpability for what is happening now to more and more English girls.

  • Mark

    ” just grow a pair and say what you want ” ………..

    Exactly ! There is a definite trend here and we all know what it is . Asian men ( Pakistani ) who as a past time target , manipulate , groom and then abuse young girls ( mainly white teenagers ) . The facts are there but because the world has gone PC crazy , people are afraid to speak their minds . A sentenence of 25 years would put some manners on these animals …… because that’s what they are . They hunt in packs to fulfil their lust and their prey are defenceless , just like animals like it .

    If it was eight white lads in the dock ………..

  • DC

    And the social policy has been skewed towards multiculturalism over integration as certain ethnic minorities are failing to integrate not just culturally but legally. Because their hearts and heads are still captive to another land’s custom.

    People in Northern Ireland should be the first to speak out, let’s face it as a small group of people, as a region, the populace here has failed miserably to overcome, or even in starting to overcome, bi-nationalism and biculturalism, because the level of integration is set too low. I don’t see how multiculturalism as played out in Britain at the moment is going to be any better for folk there.

  • DC

    Or in the language of the dry unemotional, over-educated, technocrat: ‘social policy failure’.

  • Mark

    Dc , you should try the real Dublin for a couple of weeks and you’d see it’s not much better in relation to the issue of race and multicuturalism . There’s a bitter feeling down here .

    The crime that the thread is about could happen anywhere in the world .

  • Brian


    You’re probably right, but I’m not so sure. I’ve been in the US for quite some time now, and lived in two different cities. For whatever reason, there seems to less an issue of immigrant or ethnic communities assimilating to their new homeland than I saw in the UK. (Not to mention, methinks the latent Islamophobia here would ensure that a women’s claim on this type of crime would be looked at seroiusly). Maybe there is less of them in one place, our “established” culture is less homegenous, I don’t know.

    I haven’t been to Dearborn, Michigan which has a substantial Muslim population who (I’ve read) are largely segregated from the rest of the populace there. This could happen there.

    As for these men, I hope they get repaid in kind wherever they end up. Absolute scum.

  • Mark

    Hi Brian , I hope DC is treating you well . As you probably know ( as I’ve mentioned it once or twice ) , I was / still am / on shaking ground married to an Asian girl ( Thai ) and have seen the progression from first time visitor to citizen at first hand . There is no attempt to intergrate at all . They have their clicks and actually think we’re mad for giving them free money . A visa is like winning the lotto for most of them . Her english has got worse since we started living back here .

    The gang rang thing …… the Romans and Greeks were at it thousands of years ago but wait until we have a case on these shores ….. different story then !

  • aquifer

    Why ‘honour killings’ when it is daughters that are being killed?

  • Shibboleth
  • erewhon


    Check the long articles on Wikipedia:

    “In 1994, geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza of Stanford University divided a principal coordinant map of 42 Asian populations into three groupings: Asian Caucasoids, Northeast and East Asian and Southeast Asian.[page needed][30] The ethnic groups Cavalli-Sforza said were in the “Asian Caucasoids” cluster were the Armenian, Arabian, Assyrian, Lebanese, Bedouin, Jordanian, E. Iranian, W. Iranian, Uzbek, N. Turkic, Turkish Caucasoid, Turkmen, Brahman, Central Indian, E. Indian, S. Indian, N. Dravidian, Central Dravidian, S. Dravidian and Sri Lankan.[page needed][30] The ethnic groups Cavalli-Sforza said were in the Northeast and East Asian cluster were the Koryak, Chukchi, Reindeer Chukchi, Nganasan Samoyed, N. Tungus, Nentsy, N. Chinese, Tibetan, Bhutanese, Ainu, Mongol, Japanese and Korean.[page needed][30] The ethnic groups Cavalli-Sforza said were in the Southeast Asian cluster were Indonesian, Malaysian, Taiwan aborigines, Viet Muong, Thai, Philippine, S. Chinese, Balinese and Gurkha.”

  • Brian

    Mark-Where do you live? The States?

    Recently in the papers here was the case of MS-13 (an El Salvodoreano gang) of taking in 13-14-15 year old runways, and allowing them with a place to stay, plying them alcohol/drugs, and eventually turning them in prostitutes. They would go to gas stations or drug hangouts and advertise their wares. This was more of traditional use of vulnerable girls as money making machines, but disgusting nonetheless. The young men involved certainly weren’t “well respected in their communities”, however.

  • Mark

    Brian , I live in Dublin ….. but have heard about MS-13 . They seem a savage bunch . Sometimes a gang rape is part of their sick initiation ceremony . As I’m sure you know , most of the MS-13 leadership are locked up however like in most gangs , they still call the shots .

    That sounds horrifiic until you hear how so called ” boy soldiers ” in Africa earn their stripes . The first thing they’re made do is kill their parents / siblings to prove they can take an order . Once they’re desensitized , they’re given a mixture of cocaine and gun powder to maintain their animal streak . A friend spent a year in Nigeria and was told this by locals ….

  • DC

    Question Time is touching on the issue, Dimbleby is getting close to the nub of the issue – why is it that the Pakistani men acted out as a group, whereas white men that do it do so on their own.

    Politicians on the panel keen to focus on the criminality of it all without providing deeper analysis into the above question.

  • paschal

    Rape, killing, suicide,violence. All societies have different methods and different groups within the same societies exhibit different ways of performing and justifying their own actions. There is no moral justifications for the rape of anyone but above all it would seem to be a question of power. Whether that is the lone ranger in the individualized West, the collective village mentality of Pakistani youth or the military power of the British in Kenya. (Now that was an exercise of the rape of Men, Woman and Children on a grand scale). But please. If you think that this case depicts the evidence that you need for the failure of immigration then sorry to bore you but its been done before. In fact to every significant group of immigrants from poorer countries that ever entered the shores of Britain.

  • DC

    I don’t dispute what you are saying but tell that to the victims who have specific experiences of a specific situation which imo deserves a specific analysis.

  • DC

    Because basically a different approach is probably required when looking for a solution of sorts. I’m think breaking down group-power in comparison to the ‘sovereign individual’ who takes the law into his or her own hands.

  • paschal

    DC. I guess that my response was partly measured in response to your quoting the example of Nick Griffin. All I am saying is that the issue of sex, its availability and societies response, can be garnered in the disgusting lack of convictions for rape in our society for those that report this crime (from an already low proportion according to most knowledgeable observers). Until the issue of underage sex, use of prostitutes etc can be debated rationally then we cannot hope to get a reasonable handle on this. Like drugs, children will not be imported or vulnerable children abused unless there is an available market for their abuse. Are these markets all within the Asian communities? Didn’t we hear of recent examples of such community sharing of underage girls for sex in the republic. Doesn’t it happen in the North? All i’m saying is that your analysis (where it exists) involves saying that ‘its them’ and not us. Its lame and more than that it’s cowardly.

  • DC

    You can raise the lack of convictions if you want I am responding to a thread about a specific conviction, but you say i am lame and a coward because i have failed to broaden it out and have a wider debate covering male desires for underage sex and rape, instead i focus on ‘them’. If the thread was about that topic in general, you might have a point, but it isn’t.

  • Harry Flashman

    OK I’m probably going to get roasted alive here but hey ho in for a penny.

    Let’s get all the usual stuff out of the way first, these men were criminals, they behaved appallingly and they deservedly will go to jail, they deserve no sympathy and anyone else who commits similar crimes should suffer the same fate.

    Now, can we examine it a bit closer? The way this is being reported you’d think Ghengis Khan’s Asiatic hordes had swept through Lancashire raping and deflowering the delicate maidens of Rochdale.

    People are going on about the cultural aspect, saying that Asian Muslims don’t respect women the way we do in British society. Apparently in Britain young, white, working class girls are held in great esteem, their virtue is something that we as a society value very highly whereas these Asian men looked at their victims and regarded them as slatterns who were already sexually active, drank, took drugs and who seemed to have no adult supervsion.

    Were the men wrong? Does British society place a high value on such girls?

    Picture if you will a man from rural Ireland in the 1960’s suddenly ending up working in a late night business in a foreign society. He sees the young people coming into his business, shitfaced drunk, with no parental control and copulating with whoever will buy them a bag of chips on the way home.

    He learns that in the schools, in the bloody schools, these children are being taught explicit sex education, how to fit condoms, the schools teach children how to put condoms on! They leave school illiterate and unable to count past ten but they’re experts on condom use?

    He reads eminent members of the education and health establishment urging sex education for children as young as five, he reads the debates about whether girls as young as twelve should have access to abortions and contraceptives without their parents’ knowledge. He reads in the paper, only yesterday, that someone is urging that the coil should be implanted in eleven year old girls, yes you read that correctly eleven year old girls should be fitted with long term contraceptive devices.

    The man concludes the blindingly obvious, this society not only has absolutely zero sexual morality but that it is actively encouraging its children to have sex at a very young age.

    The man has two eyeballs and a functioning brain stem, how on earth can he possibly conclude otherwise? He says to himself oh well everyone else is at it here why not me? And then he suddenly finds that he misunderstood it all, apparently he’s a depraved monster.

    He goes to jail, shaking his head in disbelief wondering what part of it all did he misunderstand.

    Can’t say I blame him much in his bewilderment. Sure, let us condemn him and hold him up for approbation as we must, but maybe a little bit of self-examination and critical thought about how we as a society seem to have misled the man might be in order too.

  • Reader

    Harry Flashman: The man concludes the blindingly obvious, this society not only has absolutely zero sexual morality but that it is actively encouraging its children to have sex at a very young age.
    Actually, the examples you cite show that society is trying to deal with the desperate health and welfare issues that arise from a culture in flux.
    It’s as though the fact that the NHS stitches up the wounds of stabbing victims is inciting muggers to get stuck in.

  • andnowwhat

    Lat night’s This Week was interesting. Will Self was a guest and addressed the excessive sensitivity shown by the media and politicians in laying the blame where it lies.

    Louise Mensch seemed to have a complete inability to understand Self’s use of the word “some” when addressing the attitude of an element within the “matrix” of the Pakistani community. Hardly surprisingly, it was too complex for Mensch to deal with.

    Alan Johnson was happy and clearly so, to agree with Self but explained the sensitivity as not wishing to give ammunition to the likes of the EDL and BNP. I would have scoffed Johnson’s argument, based on hoping the public could make the distinction but Mensch’s confusion knocked my confidence.

    For me, the issue is that there has been a large Pakistani community in GB for quite a few decades with no real issues that I can recall and they were times when no such sensitivities existed outside of the left. There are, however, issues back in places like Afghanistan such as the bacha bazi and the use of rape as a tool of war. Then there’s the issues in the central nation of Islam, Saudi Arabia and how rape victims are treated there ie. it is they who are guilty. Is that an example that should be set for young Muslims and why is SA not roundly condemned most strongly by every mouthpiece in Parliament and the media?

  • Harry Flashman

    “Actually, the examples you cite show that society is trying to deal with the desperate health and welfare issues that arise from a culture in flux.”

    Ah, the great left wing lie to excuse the appalling society they have created over the past half century.

    They are not responding to a moral breakdown, they set out to create the moral breakdown many years ago and they have achieved it magnificently. They deliberately chose to overthrow small ‘c’ conservative morality, it was the purpose form the start. The traditional values were despised and had to be destroyed.

    The key to that was the destruction of the traditional family, the bastion of social conservatism, and most especially the role of the father had to be obliterated. Once dad was gone the social planners, the state officials, the teachers, the doctors, the welfare workers, the police had control of the children, people would be dependent on the state and then no one could challenge the state’s authority.

    Key to the whole shebang was the abolition of sexual morality.

    To pretend that the educational socialists are simply trying their best to cope with a tidal wave of moral breakdown is patently absurd. The moral breakdown was the entire plan.

    If what you say is true then societies where children are not taught explicitly about sex from infancy, where little girls are not implanted with contraceptives and where it is a crime for children to be given sexual treatment without their parents’ consents must be absolutely rife with underage sexual problems.

    Societies which have maintained traditional attitudes to sex and children and who do not set out to sexualise their children must have appalling rates of underage sex, childhood sexual health problems and teenage pregnancy compared to Britain according to you.

    That isn’t the case is it? As children’s education gets more and more sexualised as moral and sexual codes erode further and further in the way left wingers have always sought, so the appalling problems associated with underage sex have soared.

    And yet the left choose to ignore the basic fact of cause and effect.

  • Reader

    Harry Flashman: Ah, the great left wing lie to excuse the appalling society they have created over the past half century.
    I’m not sure if you were suggesting I was left wing, but (1) I’m not, though I am a social liberal. (2) I have my own objections to some of the social changes that have been eased in. (3) I regard parental irresponsibility, not trendy schooling, as the key to underage sex and children’s vulnerability. (4) I almost always blame incompetence rather than conspiracy. (5) Here’s the point I was making – just because someone is trying to pick up the pieces doesn’t mean they broke the jug.
    And tying it in to the perps ever so confused by western mores – just because someone else is picking up the pieces is no reason to break another jug.

  • DC

    I would be prepared to go along with some of Harry’s analysis about some teens being less inhibited sexually, although this certainly doesn’t mean that those teenage girls who are less concerned about having sex (and feel at ease allowing statutory rape) should end up forcibly raped, gang raped and totally abused, because at one point – foolishly maybe – they might have been open to the idea of sex with someone they thought they liked and were on the level with, albeit older, asian, or whatever.

  • Harry Flashman

    just because someone else is picking up the pieces is no reason to break another jug.

    Those who claim to be, what you describe as, “picking up the pieces” are invariably the same people, or the followers of the same people two generations ago who were swinging the hammers at the jugs with such gay abandon.

    One of the great myths is that you cannot change social behaviour, you can only make adjustments to adapt to the changes that are somehow happening all by themselves. This is despite the fact that the changes were in fact set in motion with the express purpose of changing behaviour which had been established for generations.

    Why the assumption that underage sex and teenage pregnancy cannot be stopped, merely accommodated?

    What about smoking? Fifty years ago smoking was accepted as a fact of life, most adults did it and everywhere from buses to cinemas, from restaurants to hospitals and airplanes were filled with cigarette smoke.

    This was changed, social attitudes to smoking changed, not all by themselves because that’s not how things change but because social engineers decided to make it their business to change it. They succeeded.

    Likewise they succeeded to change attitudes to drink driving.

    But curiously the same social engineers throw their hands up and tell us they can do nothing about the plague of underage sexual activity and pregnancy, and I make no apology for using that phrase, this social disaster has caused massive destruction across society. All they can do is provide more “education” which as sure as night follows day ends up with ever younger sexualisation and more teenage pregnancies.

    You never hear anyone teaching young people about “safe smoking” or “safe drink driving”, only “DON’T DO IT!”. When I see a change from taking about “safe sex” (as if there could be such a thing for children) and more on abstinence promotion and punishment for offenders then I’ll believe the social planners really want to stop this ongoing disaster.

    Right now I will continue to believe it is all part of the plan.

  • DC

    Why the assumption that underage sex and teenage pregnancy cannot be stopped, merely accommodated?

    It most certainly can’t be stopped, unless you are advocating a sort of totalitarian approach either by the family or the state.

  • DC

    Just came across this page on BBC, Labour MP for Rochdale lays it out:

    “It would be daft not to believe that race plays a part.”

  • Harry Flashman

    It most certainly can’t be stopped, unless you are advocating a sort of totalitarian approach either by the family or the state.

    Fair enough, not stopped, in the same way we have not stopped smoking or drink driving but certainly massively reduced, stigmatised and discouraged in the same way we did with smoking and drink driving.

    It’s doable if there was a willingness, but there is no such willingness because the social breakdown which followed the moral breakdown suits the interests of the liberal left social engineers who planned it from the start.

    And make no mistake it was well planned.

  • abucs

    I agree with Harry (again).

    When the centre cannot hold, things fall apart – Evelyn Waugh.

    Those self described enlightened individuals have spent the last 50 years attacking the centre which holds Western civilisation together. It is not going to hold.

    In Australia there was a recent auction by a brothel for the virginity of an 18 year old Australian school girl. The Asian managers of the brothel withdrew the auction because of public outrage. They were quick though to point to the fact that they were in no way breaking the secular law.

    Men indeed make the world, but not as they would wish – Karl Marx.

  • abucs

    Addendum – the bidding got up to 12,000 dollars (8,000 pounds).

    Apparently yesterday’s slut is today’s modern, enlightened liberated woman. If morality is a show of hands by an evolving corrupt political class, is it any wonder some groups are not going to pay respect to transitory Western progressive law?

  • Making plenty of mistakes of my own I don’t normally like to point fingers but the attribution above to Evelyn Waugh should rightfully be to WB Yeats’s.Incidentally I can’t say I care for the rest of the morality tale either.

  • abucs

    Quite right. I have my authors mixed up.

    TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

  • Harry Flashman

    It’s the last few lines of that poem that always give me the heebie-jeebies when I read them.

    “The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

    He knew of which he spoke did old Willie.

  • abucs

    Harry you probably agree Chesterton’s poem is also apt.

    The Judgement of England

    ‘Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey
    Where Wealth accumulates and Men decay.’
    So rang of old the noble voice in vain
    O’er the Last Peasants wandering on the plain,
    Doom has reversed the riddle and the rhyme,
    While sinks the commerce reared upon that crime,
    The thriftless towns litter with lives undone,
    To whom our madness left no joy but one;
    And irony that glares like Judgment Day
    Sees Men accumulate and Wealth decay.