A flexible library service for the 21st century?

Following Alan’s piece on libraries, I picked this ‘advertorial’ from Google plus this evening… about how a US county library system is cutting costs and improving flexibility in their free at the point of delivery services by enabling the whole library service act as a functioning unit as opposed to the one discrete library…

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  • TwilightoftheProds

    I’m pretty sure that’s close to how all the libraries in NI work anyway, especially after the merger. The whole library service acts as a functioning unit (or is supposed too, its been a year since I ordered books from around the pravince, but they did come). It was the case within the old board systems too.

    Apart from the spreadsheet check to see the shelves aren’t ‘overfilled’…That guys got too much time on his hands. I can make a saving right there.

  • At the #CATJRF sessions last month, a plea was made to help save the Carnegie Oldpark Library, recently vacated and now at risk of decay.

    What has become of that effort by the local community to take ownership / stewardship and operate facilities through a social enterprise?