“Over the next fortnight the black flag of anarchy will fly over Free Derry Corner…”

As a Belfast Telegraph report tells us

Over the next fortnight the black flag of anarchy will fly over Free Derry Corner…

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  • foyle observer

    Great. Thanks for the FYI.

  • jthree

    Eamonn McCann explains how the anarchist colours can confuse:

    “One day in the late 1960s, when we thought we’d heard the chimes of freedom flashing, I drove to Dublin with McGuffin and the American anarchist Jerry Rubin. A mile or so out of Newry, McGuffin explained to the fabled member of the Chicago Seven that the town we were approaching was in the grip of revolution. The risen people had turned en masse to anarchism. We’d better barrel on through. If we stopped for a moment the fevered proletariat would surely engulf us…

    “Down were in the All-Ireland final that weekend. Every house, lamppost and telegraph pole was festooned with red-and-black flags. Rubin was agog, at risk of levitation when we passed under banners strung across the streets, reading, “Up Down!”

    “These people really got the revolutionary ethic”, enthused the ecstatic Rubin.

    “As much as yourself, comrade”, allowed the gracious McGuffin.

  • SK

    Sterling work there.

  • cynic2


  • andnowwhat

    Judging by the lack of an lengthy, dry, opening post, this has nothing to do with Sinn Fein?

  • son of sam

    Just as a matter of interest, could someone from Stroke City enlighten us as to who controls the proclamations/postings that appear on Free Derry wall?I seem to remember Eamon Mc Cann making reference to some committee who were entrusted with vetting applications to display .Im sure any such committee would be suitably representative and not favour any political party, wouldnt it!

  • weidm7

    Nice bit of whataboutery in the form of an article, though you can’t really call this lowly jibe at Derry or possibly Republicans in general an article.

    Is there no editorial review on Slugger?

  • cynic2

    There would have to be a committee

  • cynic2

    and then ………

  • cynic2

    now off to Stormont we go

  • Billy Pilgrim


    Poor Pete is getting quite a spanking here.

    Characteristically lamentable stuff.

  • Pete Baker

    Now, BIlly.

    Just because they don’t want to talk about ‘Derry being an irony-free zone…

  • Mac

    When a blawger has to type more words in the tags entry box than they did in the original troll.