“since last February, we have facilitated the forced departure of 57 young people…”

To be filed alongside the report of the 18-year-old shot in both legs in the Creggan estate in Londonderry.  While his mother waited at the top of the lane…  According to the Irish Times headline – “Five forced to flee Derry city after death threats“.  Except…  From the report

A DERRY community worker who helps young people who have been threatened by the vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs, said yesterday that five young men were forced to flee the city last week after they had received death threats.

Michael Doherty of the Peace and Reconciliation Group said one of the young men “wanted to get it over and done with” rather than leave his home.

“Eventually after some arguing and debating, we persuaded him that it was in his best interests to leave,” said Mr Doherty.

“He was the fifth young person we helped to leave Derry last week and since last February, we have facilitated the forced departure of 57 young people, almost all of them male.”

Hmmm… Again.

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  • derrydave

    Feel sorry not for the young scamps, but instead feel sorry for the people of Buncrana, Letterkenny, Belast, or wherever else these misunderstood loveable rogues end up 🙂

  • Reader

    derrydave: Feel sorry not for the young scamps, but instead feel sorry for the people of Buncrana, Letterkenny, Belast…
    Several dozen people, possibly some of them minors, have had their lives turned upside down. Note really funny.
    However, you have correctly highlighted the fact that exile almost certainly hasn’t solved the problem, just moved around a bit.
    Other issues – I was left to guess whether some of the young people were minors – that’s an amazing omission from a report in a quality newspaper.
    And – if the vigilantes are relying on court reports for their targetting information (from the IT article), maybe their finger isn’t quite on the pulse of the local community as was suggested on the other thread. These guys are just an armed local version of the Daily Mail tougher sentencing; hanging and flogging brigade.

  • Reader

    Dammit – should have been: “Not really funny”

  • derrydave

    If they wouldn’t have done what they shouldn’t have done…….In all seriousness though, whilst not having any sympathy at all for these guys (in all the years I lived in Derry I’ve never known anyone get the ‘treatment’ that didn’t deserve it), there really does have to be a better way – passing these guys off to the nearest big town is a bit of a joke tbh.

  • Pete Baker


    They may have exported some problem individuals – as defined by themselves alone – but the problem remains in Londonderry.

  • galloglaigh

    And indeed these young fella’s lives were turned upside down, like the mother of one said, when he found out he could buy (then sell on) legal highs online. RAAD in Derry are nothing but a front for extortion. The entire city is against them. They represent the dregs of society, and are well known. One thing they do though, is highlight the problems that exist in Derry. These type of Drugs are destroying the lives of young and old; Catholic, Protestant, and otherwise.

    If the dogs on the street know who these hoods are, why doesn’t the PSNI. I’m sure they have enough resources to covertly curtail this gang? Why aren’t they using MI5? Isn’t that why they are here?

  • iluvni

    Whats Colm Eastwood’s opinion?

  • Donal Davoren

    In the early hours of Saturday morning last a mother and her daughter intervened when they came across 3 thugs beating up a young lad in Derry. One of the thugs punched the daughter in the face breaking her nose. Her mother collapsed and had to be taken to hospital as well.

    Later that same day the thug’s mother and family were leading a protest against RAAD at the Guildhall.

    Is it any wonder only a 100 turned up at the protest when people are expected to support thugs such as this being punished by so called Republicans who aren’t much better?

    When parties such as SF and the SDLP stand shoulder to shoulder with people who’s offspring are terrorising communities instead of supporting those communities against thuggery and drug dealing people will stay at home. And when their backs are to the wall these people will call on groups like RAAD to deal with it.

    The simple fact is that these politicians don’t give a damn. They show their faces to be seen showing their faces and they condemn to be heard condemning then they go back to doing nothing until the next time.

    The drug dealers know this, the thugs know this and more so RAAD knows this. That’s why they won’t go away.

  • Granni Trixie

    2 wrongs don’t make a right. Only a concerted effort by families,psi,community and youth groups to work with these young peole is the way to go.
    Otherwise why we’re there campaigns to reform the justice system? I simply cannot see how anyone thinks there is “justice” in hammering perceived wrongdoers. and still cannot get my head arouind the brainwashed mother who brought her son to be punished. Also,

    My understanding is that BASE 2 , a project within NIACRO was stood down a few years ago (presumably because exiling was withering on the vine). This news from Derry indicates otherwise.

  • Granni Trixie

    Correction:From NIACROs website I see that BASE 2 seems to still be operational (crisis intervention related to exclusion ie exiling).
    Please pass on this info to anyone you know on the run.

  • Donal Davoren

    Granni Trixie no one said that two wrongs were making a right. I pointed out that while the politicians continue to be hypocrites and leave the people to their own devices after the cameras leave then those people will turn to those who mete out the law of the jungle.

    Right or wrong this is fact.

    Mealy-mouthed politicians also tell the cameras that the people don’t want this or that, yet when have they asked the people what they want or what their opinions are?

    They’ve done this for years and still nothing has changed.

    The Peace Process means that we can now live in the same fear as the working class areas of London, Glasgow and Dublin etc. Fear of the drug dealer and other associated scumbags. Therefore where have we moved on to?

    Ah but sure we’re no longer killing each other politically and thats a lot better than those who deal in drugs which kill our children and destroys communities.

    When the drug dealers start shooting each other and innocent bystanders as in Dublin will we still call it peace?

    Will the same mealy-mouths still give us the same ‘the people don’t want this’ before going back to doing nothing again?

    Until the next time and the arrival of the cameras that is.

  • cynic2

    Where’s Marty?

    Making inane and stupid comments to try and pretend NI isn’t part of the UK while crime and this terrible abuse of young people runs rampant in Derry.

    Perhaps its hard to criticise when your own organisation did the same thing (and worse) for years and contributed to the moral and community degradation and fuels this.Perhaps he just doesn’t realise how bad it has become

  • cynic2

    But isnt it time for some real politics here dealing with issues like this rather than the old sham fight?

    McGuinness isn’t the only one at fault. They all seem keen to wrap themselves in the flag of choice and call on the voters for support – but when will some of them do the hard politics